Would You Rather With Leilani Dowding

Leilani Dowding is a former Page 3 girl, she was also the UK representative in the US Miss Universe 1998, a glamour model, television celebrity. You might also remember seeing her as one of the Real Housewives of Cheshire. Although her journey was short on the show, Leilani has emerged as more than just being a part of the Real Housewives. The former model is currently flourishing in the real estate industry after having a successful career as a model, a TV celebrity, and an incredible Horse-mommy.

The former model sat down for a fun segment with us called ‘Would You Rather’. And this is how it went down.

Clout News: Would you rather be the funniest person or the most intelligent one?

Leilani: Funniest

Clout News: Would you rather be able to teleport anywhere or be able to read minds?

Leilani: Read Minds

Clout News: Would You Rather Never Use Social media again or never watch another movie or tv show?

Leilani: Ohh..uhmm..Never watch another TV show

Clout News: Would you rather be able to speak all languages or be able to speak to all animals?

Leilani: Speak to all animals

Clout News: Would you rather always get stuck in traffic or always have slow internet?

Leilani: Always get stuck in traffic

Clout News: Would you rather have a photographic memory or be able to forget anything you want?

Leilani: Photographic memory

Clout News: Would you rather have to speak on stage for the entire year or let people watch your journey for a year?

Leilani: People watch my journey for a year

Watch The Full Segment:

Leilani discussed the coronavirus pandemic and her decision to not take the vaccine in our exclusive interview. She talked about her decision to not have children and how in society everybody is forced to have them. The former model discussed social media and how filters are damaging to people and young girls especially. She also discussed all the hate comments she got and how they affected her. The real estate socialite also talked about her principles and stereotypes she faced because she was a Page 3 girl.


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