World Beyond's Major Death Disproves A Walking Dead Rick Grimes Theory

World Beyond’s Major Death Disproves A Walking Dead Rick Grimes Theory

The Walking Dead: World Beyond disproves a common belief regarding Rick Grimes and Jadis as it murders off its most important character yet. Andrew Lincoln’s Rick and Pollyanna McIntosh’s Jadis both left The Walking Dead in season 9; but their whereabouts have been a franchise mystery since they took off in a CRM helicopter.

Finally, Jadis reappears in Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2 as a warrant officer; loyally serving the Civic Republic. Rick is still missing, but signs from Season 10 of The Walking Dead imply he’s planning against the CRM. Viewers might have concluded Jadis was a double agent; working for the CRM, based on their prior connection and shared arrival.

Rick’s resistance, though, is being fed information in secret. Jadis has pulled no punches with the Bennett family since arriving at Facility 1 to investigate suspicious activity; (and put Huck’s commitment to the test after two years underground); always wary whether she’s talking to a quiet teenager stranger or her own mentor.

However, “Blood & Lies” from season 2 of Walking Dead: World Beyond demonstrates that time away from the junkyard hasn’t tempered Jadis’ ruthlessness. Dr Belshaw, Leo Bennett’s lover, is brutally murdered by her after she blackmails him into joining Project V.

Belshaw’s loyalties have now been called into question; Leo is both easier to influence and a better scientist; so Lyla becomes zombie food for Jadis. Dr. Lyla Belshaw’s death in Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2 is as unexpected and unsettling as it is. Her death disproves any assumption that Rick Grimes and Jadis are working together against the CRM.

Everything Jadis says and does before the last, flesh-munching scenes of “Blood & Lies” could be an act. Jadis has lived a consistent performance as the leader of the Scavengers in The Walking Dead for many years; so being deep undercover in the CRM plays to her abilities.

Getting connected with Project V and Huck also gives the ideal cover for Rick to gather the information that he can use to bring down the wicked CRM. However, by inhumanely killing Dr. Belshaw, Jadis eliminates any possibility of her and Rick cooperating.

In The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes has committed his fair share of violence; but he has always drawn a clear moral line in the sand. Rick would never kill Dr. Belshaw in such a callous, torturous manner; and if he and Jadis were working together against the CRM, she would not be doing such a heinous crime.

Rick isn’t the sort to sacrifice innocent people in the name of preventing the CRM’s plot, no matter how vital it is. He’s the Captain America of The Walking Dead, unwilling to “exchange life.” Of course, this means Jadis is now a full-fledged CRM servant; completely dedicated to the cause and, as a result, an enemy of Rick Grimes once more.

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