Without any photography training, Rahul Borole did the photography technique himself

In today’s modern age, young people use the information technology of the Internet, WhatsApp, YouTube. Many people are just using this technique for timepassing. However, Rahul Digambar Borole in the city made great use of this technology and gained a reputation in photography.

Rahul Borole completed his education in Dharmavir Sambhaji School till class X. After this, Shiv Chhatrapati College, B.Com. Studied till. Many young people in college life try to get likes by sharing their photos on the internet, Facebook. But Rahul did not come forward to take a photo of himself. He had a craze for taking photos because of the mobile he had taken. The new mobile he took while studying in college was a Facebook app. On this he opened his own account. Crazy created by seeing photos of your closest friends on Facebook. He went to a person to take his own photo, at which time the photographer asked for twenty thousand for the photo, then it was time and place to take the photo. Rahul’s mind was affected by this. You are the one who decided to take photos no longer. Rahul Borole, for example, says that the sky can be gnarled if stubborn, persistent. Rahul took the camera of Nikon-1 model with installment. Deciding not to know photography or to learn from anyone, Rahul took a lesson on photography through YouTube. Sitting in the house for hours studying Photoshop and photography angles. Within a month, Rahul has given R.B. I started my own photography called Photography. Starting to remove photos of each for only Rs. Not only that, he also started photography classes. While looking, Rahul has made successful strides in Wedding In Door, Outdoor Shooting, Candidate, Modeling Photography, Portfolio, Industrial Photography. At the same time, his photography is being appreciated by his friends. Excellent photography also made photography of political figures. Today, Rahul has made his rightful use of photography in making proper use of YouTube. It has cameras of 3D models of Canon Company 3D, Canon 3D, Canon ATD and has photography experience in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad. What is more, Rahul has filmed a short film titled It’s Possible, Jay Shivarai, and one mistake. Rahul has also shared the responsibility for such event management work with Dahihandi Utsav, DJ Night as a social commitment to photography.