Will Brews Brothers Return To Netflix For A Second Season? News

Will Brews Brothers Return To Netflix For A Second Season?

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October 14, 2021

A lot of series on Netflix are killed without fans getting to know about it. It seems like Bews Brother awaits to be added to the list.

Brews Brothers features brothers Greg Schaffer and Jeff Schaffer in an interestingly woven story. The series was released on Netflix on 10th April, 2020. After almost one and a half year of release, it is still unclear whether the show would be returning for a second season.

Is The Show Ghost Cancelled?

Brews Brothers dropped 10 episodes on Netflix right before the start of the pandemic and since then, it has gone into silent mode. The story of the show revolves around two rival brothers who decide to join hands together to start their own brewery business. However, there are a lot of challenges that await.

Brews Brothers is much likely to be amongst the shows that get ghost-cancelled by Netflix. This means that Netflix has cancelled the show silently without any press or media release. It is not the first time that a series has met with this fate.

That’s where the show is quietly canceled behind the scenes without the public getting to know. Recent examples include The Healing Powers of Dude, Medical Police and Sneakerheads.

There is no news that the filming for the series has begun for season 2 and hence, it is safe to say that the show has very low chances of getting a second season.

Reviews Of The Series

Given the poor ratings of Brews Brothers on Rotten Tomatoes, it cements our belief that the show might not be getting renewed for a second season. It has a 33% on RottenTomatoes and 4.5/10 on IMDb. The show never featured in any Top 10 list of Netflix series as well.

According to Puck News’s Matthew Belloni, there is also a correlation between trailers viewing figures and the number that then go on to watch the show. In this case, the trailer only managed to pull in just shy of 200,000 views.

Would you like to see Brews Brothers return for a second season? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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