Why Zayn Malik & Yolanda Hadid Were Arguing Before His Arrest News

Why Zayn Malik & Yolanda Hadid Were Arguing Before His Arrest

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Time icon November 1, 2021

Zayn Malik and Yolanda Hadid made headlines when an alleged argument broke out between them. Adding to an assault accusation from Yolanda led to Zayn’s arrest. When Yolanda apparently wanted to spend more time with and care for her one-year-old granddaughter Khai (Gigi and Zayn’s daughter). While Gigi was out of the country, she visited Zayn to do so. But something between her and the former One Direction member apparently went amiss. He reportedly thought her attempt to care for her grandchild was ‘crossing a boundary’.

Why Zayn Malik & Yolanda Hadid Were Arguing Before His Arrest

Gigi Hadid ‘was out of town working’ when the headline-making ‘incident’ happened between her mom Yolanda Hadid and now ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik

Where Gigi Hadid was out of town working Paris Fashion Week, this incident between Yolanda and Zayn happened. “As everyone knows, Yolanda has always been a very hands on, dedicated parent to her kids. She’s naturally protective and has been there for every step of the way when it comes to her kid’s lives. So naturally, when Gigi was away while working, she wanted to spend as much time helping care for her granddaughter as possible”.

“But Zayn took this as a hit to his ego because he knows he’s fully capable of caring for his own child”. The source continued. “Yolanda meant no harm, it’s just that she loves her granddaughter with all her heart. And will step in at any time to ensure she’s cared for. It wasn’t a diss at Zayn, it’s more just in her nature to step in when it comes to those things. Zayn saw it as her crossing a boundary and that’s what erupted into their argument”.

Shortly after Yolanda’s shocking claim went public, Zayn Malik denied that he allegedly struck her. And hurled profanities at her in a statement but said he did not contest the assault allegations. He wrote to his fans t in order to “restore us to a peaceful family environment that will allow for me to co-parent my daughter in a manner in which she deserves”.

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