Ayesha Omar

Why This Year Eid Is Special For Ayesha Omar

This year’s Eid-al-Adha is special for Pakistani actress Ayesha Omar as her mother celebrated the special occasion with her after 20 years in her homeland Pakistan.

Taking to her Instagram account, the Yalghaar actress shared pictures with her mother and wrote,

“My Mama is in town for Eid. Besssssst Eidi ever. No topping this”.

The Kaaf Kangana actress also highlighted how devastated her mother felt seeing her born city in a miserable condition.

“Mama is in Karachi after 20 years and is horrified to see her beautiful, beloved city of birth, where she grew up in the 60s and 70s, turn into a sprawling garbage dump (mama’s exact words). It’s breaking her heart”, wrote Ayesha Omar.

Earlier, Ayesha Omar made to the headlines after famous Turkish actress Esra Bilgic started to follow her on social media.

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