Who Won MrBeast Squid Game? Twitter Loves 067

Who Won MrBeast Squid Game? Twitter Loves 067

The winner of MrBeast’s rendition of the Squid Game has been revealed. The YouTuber-turned-philanthropist earned a lot of flak for his extremely watered-down rendition of the popular Korean Netflix series, but fans were excited to see him recreate it.

MrBeast recreated the original Squid Game series to an incredible degree of accuracy. The brutality shown in the film; in which people were slain for failing to complete the task, was, predictably; absent from the YouTuber’s Squid Game rendition.

MrBeast’s Squid Game began with 456 players, similar to the original series. To win the prize money, each contestant has to accomplish a challenge. Those who made it to the end would be given the money they could see above their heads, just like on the show.

Viewers could see that those who had watched the series had a leg up on those who hadn’t. Nonetheless, the YouTuber was able to account for it. MrBeast’s Squid Game was ultimately won by Player 079. He’ll walk away with $456,000 in prize money, which works out to $1000 per individual. MrBeast would be unable to pay the reward money, despite the fact that the show featured a massive prize pool of 45.6 billion dollars.

Those that were eliminated received a cash prize of $2000. MrBeast was ready to prune the herd after the Honeycomb challenge. Those who abandoned the challenge were each paid $4000. There were just six players left when MrBeast’s final challenge arrived. They ended up playing musical chairs because no one knew how to play the complicated Squid Game.

Twitter Simps Over 067

MrBeast’s Squid Game was ultimately won by player 079, who defeated player 330. Even if he came in second, he received $10,000. Despite the fact that player 079 won the show, the audience was intrigued with player 067. Her charisma enthralled netizens, and she gained the hearts of many online. Camilla Araujo is the real name of player 069. On Instagram, she has over 12k followers. Among the tweets about her were:


Hwang Dong-Hyuk, the inventor of Squid Game, has vowed that a second season will be made. He had stated that he was in the “planning process,” and it is too early to speculate on “when and how it is going happen.”

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