We’re Not Playing Around, Ready Playa Øne Is the Best NFT to Purchase in 2021

NFTs have seen a meteoric rise in popularity as of late. It seems that everyone has become aware of the existence of these so-called Non-Fungible Tokens. With so many options available in the market today, one NFT project is guaranteed to blow all of them in the water, taking the crown as the best NFT that should absolutely be purchased in 2021. This is none other than Ready Playa Øne, an interactive NFT project that pits investors in an immersive world where factions and Playas compete within a sci-fi setting.

Ready Playa Øne is a highly anticipated NFT that immerses people in a world that has never been seen before. It features high-quality mixed medium art with different sets of rarities that are dictated by the different factions of the immersive universe that the story is set in. Investors and collectors are given the agency to choose which faction they would pledge their allegiances to, allowing them to choose from three factions: Humanoids, Humans, and Mercenaries.

Each faction has distinct Playas that will affect the course of the story and how the game will play out. The NFT project is mostly split into both the Human and Humanoid factions, but some people may act as rogue mercenaries who can fight for either side. As with everything involving exclusive NFT markets, Ready Playa Øne will greatly benefit those who come in early.

Ready Playa Øne offers an Early Access pass where first adopters will get the chance to secure up to 5 of the 1,500 Playas that are up for grabs. Only 500 of each are available for each faction, and once the project fully launches, they certainly won’t last long. Once they are gone, the rest will truly be left to chance.

There are a total of 10,000 Playas that will be available to the public, allowing Early Pass users to gain the upper hand by securing a portion of the Playa population beforehand. Each pass is 0.069 ETH and will include a reservation on the Ready Playa Øne faction of your choice, as well as free mint fees. The company will also airdrop you into battle on the day the rest of the common folk rush for their chances at a better life.

Ready Playa Øne was founded by M2thaK, every celebrity’s favorite celebrity. He has been accurately described as a socialite who rubs shoulders with some of the most powerful people in Hollywood and the tech industry.

The renowned NFT project features a four-stage roadmap that lays out the foundation of the project along with an unannounced 5th stage that cements the longevity of the project. The first stage will be the stage where people can mint their Ready Playa Øne vouchers and pick a faction. Stage 2 will introduce the ability for individuals to order a print canvas of their Ready Playa Øne verified via the Blockchain and shipped worldwide to them. In celebration of the second stage, 50 Ready Playa Øne holders will be gifted a signed canvas as well.

Stage 3 of Ready Playa Øne will see individuals upgrading their Playas to win the war. Playas will be able to combine characters to form a new character with new abilities and rarities, effectively reducing the supply and shifting the balance of power in the fight for freedom.

Stage 4 will allow Playas to access an Oasi3 where their 2D reality will be upgraded to the third dimension. A battle royale for one’s freedom will commence, and individuals will only have their Playa’s skills to rely on. This phase will allow investors to purchase weapons at the arena and fight to the death to be the one and only Playa left. The sole victor will receive all the spoils of battle.

Ready Playa Øne is innovating the NFT industry with an immersive world along with many moving parts and interactive elements that come along with it. It is poised to become the best NFT to purchase in 2021, and the project isn’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The future is now with Ready Playa Øne on the horizon. Mark your calendars, view the launch countdown, and reap the many rewards that await by visiting the official website.


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