Wenees Worry As Wonho Collapses On Stage Mid-Concert

Wenees Worry As Wonho Collapses On Stage Mid-Concert

Wonho, the singer of “Ain’t About You,”; had a slight hitch on stage on the second day of his two-day concert after finishing a perfectly choreographed Day 1 of his two-day show. The idol returned as a solo artist under Highline Entertainment in September 2020; right before the pandemic struck, following his departure from the K-pop trio.

Wonho, who made his debut in the middle of a pandemic, was never able to meet his new followers in person because the world was in the throes of a pandemic. Months after becoming his fans’ virtual loverboy; Wonho was ecstatic to meet them in person at a two-day offline concert in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Wonho kicked off his emotional rollercoaster with a bang on Day One. His solo show, ‘We Are Young,’ drew a large crowd of fans who came to see their idol. “It’s my first offline solo concert, so I don’t think I can control my emotions,” he told fans after singing his solo debut song “Open Mind”.

Wonho performed live renditions of his songs ‘Devil,’ ‘No Text No Call,’ ‘Ain’t About You,’ ‘Lose,’ and ’24/7′ with the goal of giving them his all. He then demonstrated his abilities to perform alone in front of an audience; by giving fantastic renditions of ‘Come Over Tonight’ and ‘Blue,’ the title tune from his most recent album, ‘Blue Letter’. Wonho also gave fans a special highlight performance; raising the stakes for his Japanese debut, ‘On The Way’ and ‘White Miracle,’ which will be published in December 2021.

“Thank you for being by my side.”

Fans were concerned about his performance on the second day. “I am very nervous today and it seems that time has passed quickly,” Wonho stated after taking the stage. “I hope there will be many opportunities to see them in person in the future,” referring to his fans.

Wonho broke down in tears when performing ‘Weneed,’; a song he dedicated to his followers, Wenees, and added, “I wanted to stand on stage and see Wenees. There were times when I wanted to give up on being a singer, but thanks to Wenees, I didn’t give up. Thank you for being by my side.”

Wonho’s followers are exceedingly concerned for the idol after a minor issue caused him to take a break in the middle of a concert. On the second day of his concert, fans said that the singer slumped on stage owing to hyperventilation symptoms; causing the show to be interrupted for a brief time. Followers expressed their anxiety about the idol’s health on Twitter; prompting even greater alarm among international fans who were unable to attend the event.

Fans rushed to Twitter to talk about Wonho’s sudden collapse on stage and hoped he was doing okay. One fan said, “Lord it’s scary hope he’s ok both mentally and physically.” Another fan said, “Wonho needs to go check himself up at the hospital its not normal for someone to just collapse like that. whether he’s overworked or its something worst I dont think the fans would mind if they stopped the show.”

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