Web Developer Rishab Bhatt Explains How Competition Affects The Techies In The Market Today

The revolution of Information and technology is happening at a really solid pace across the globe. Rishab Bhatt, a student at Western University in Canada is a software and web developer who has created his own website named ‘Simple.Savr’ which allows people in the same network to share files and text without having to download or install any software. With more than 60K users every month, his website has garnered the attention of one and all. The primary mission of his website is to provide clean drinking water to children around the world. This initiative is done by donating over 40% of its ad revenue.

Apart from this, he has also worked on an entirely automated and encrypted crypto escrow platform (Coinsavr, Inc.). The competition in the IT sector is cut-throat. “There is a lot of competition in the field of IT since the demand for talent is high. Many young individuals get jobs after graduation, and many don’t. In my experience, the ones who usually get jobs straight out of school is because of their experience with programming and software development, which makes them stand out. It’s hard to stand out in this field since anyone can learn to code, but few build something knowing what they know on their own time and put it on their resume”, stated Rishab.

The young lad also has some major future plans for ‘Simple.Savr’. He revealed that it will get the biggest updated as far as the new design is concerned. Moreover, it will also add other features that the users have suggested un the past. Looking at the progress of Rishab, it seems that he will expand his company in the coming future. He also shared his desire in blockchain technology and spoke about learning artificial intelligence and machine learning in the future. With ‘Simple.Savr’, Bhatt has truly established himself as one of the best techies across Canada.