WATCH: Jisoo of BLACKPINK has love at first sight after seeing Jung Hae In in the ‘Snowdrop’ teaser

Jisoo, who plays Eun Young Ro in BLACKPINK, has never experienced anything like this before. She meets a lovely man named Im Suho, with whom she collides, and she falls down the famed rabbit hole.

The latest trailer for the upcoming nostalgic series ‘Snowdrop’ has been released, and it has become the talk of the town. Jung Hae In portrays the male lead, who has suddenly become her entire world.

‘Snowdrop’ teaser

With the click of a tape recorder, we witness Eun Young Ro cuddled up in the comfort of her duvet, remembering the first time she believed in the expression “true love.” She scurries across the room and into the warm embrace of a man who will transform her life.

As their glances meet, sparks fly, and Eun Young Ro admits to falling at that precise moment. She describes how their hands brushed for barely a brief moment, yet it was enough to make her heart skip a beat. “Is this what they call first love?” she wonders as they smile at each other.

Now, loves, it’s your turn. Im Suho rotates Eun Young Ro’s frame, who asks a crucial question: “Will we meet again, right?” As he sits in shock, a hand revealed to be Im Suho’s turns off the recording. The atmosphere darkens and becomes suspenseful as he squeezes his jaw, and a sound blares in the background. He can only think of one word: “We?”

Have A Look

We’re fascinated, wondering if this would be a story of first love, heartbreak, betrayal, or something quite different. ‘Snowdrop’ will premiere on JTBC on December 18 at 10:30 p.m. KST (7 p.m. IST).

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