Watch INFINITE’s Sunggyu Reveal His Typical Life In His First Vlog

Sunggyu of INFINITE shared his everyday routine in his debut vlog.

Sunggyu’s debut vlog was posted on his YouTube channel, ‘KimSungKyu Official,’ on October 20. He turned on the camera in his house as he commented, “It’s so awkward to be filming like this.” Fans can see his shy side as he proceeded to show the viewers what his typical nightly routine entailed.

Sunggyu began his training routine after swallowing squeezed coltsfoot juice that his agency’s CEO had given him. He spoke to the camera about his military duty days and said that he and another Infinite member Sungyeol used to compete in pull-up bar competitions.

Sunggyu’s vlog showcased his natural, make-up-free visage and approached viewers in a laid-back manner. The idol also guaranteed viewers that he will continue to deliver fresh, unique, and fascinating content in the future. He showed his fans that he drinks a cup of butterbur every day to increase his immunity.

Sunggyu further went on to exercise and acknowledged how weird it was to use a vlog camera. He does three sets of pull-ups in his nightly routine and goes on as he washes his face. The INFINITE alum says he does not do much when he comes back home. He further says there is nothing to show as he does not do much.

The idol explained why he does pull-ups every day as he went on to share a story. He then watched Premier League and tells his audience how much he loves it these days. The alum further apologizes for not being able to keep his promise of showcasing his other side on Youtube. He further shares all the thoughts he has had about himself.


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