Walser’s Success and Our Solution

In an educated society with some of the best modern technology and market strategies in the world, financial literacy has become a surprising problem. And in lieu of this rising issue, people, ideas, and companies have become the solution. One of these is Rebecca Walser, an accomplished tax attorney with a wide range of knowledge and influence in the financial and economic spheres of the United States. She helps those struggling to accumulate and maintain long-term wealth, and can guide her clients through the nuances of the finance world.

A trusted tax attorney, financial planner, bestselling author, and media personality, Rebecca holds degrees from the University of South Florida, the University of Florida, and New York University (Bachelor’s in Business Finance, Masters of Law, and Doctor of Law). One of the most forward-thinking lawyers in the tax and finance field, she has proven her value in both the legal and economic worlds. Once a student, and now a TOP 100 Advisor (2018 and 2019) she specializes in wealth strategy and tax law. In a recent interview, Rebecca told our writers, “I take pride in challenging the conventional standards of finance. The nature of our economy in America has given us the freedom to move up socially and economically, and in order to succeed I think it’s imperative that we take advantage of this mobility.” 

And Rebecca is doing just that. With a dream to do better, and help others do and be better, she opened her own practice in 2014, Walser Wealth Management. Now working with many passionate and intelligent associates, Rebecca coined the phrase – Challenging the Wisdom of Convention – and made it her firm’s strongest message. Through over five years of planning, preparation, execution, and client satisfaction, she has been able to grow her practice into the national powerhouse it is today – shaping strategies to maximize their client’s wealth while also minimizing their client’s taxes. 

Rebecca also addresses financial literacy problems through a plethora of other channels. On the strictly professional side, she is a trusted go-to tax, market, and financial advisor and commentator for news and television outlets as prominent as the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Yahoo Finance, and Fox Business. And because of her growing credibility and acclaim, she has been named to the Investopedia TOP 100 Most Influential Advisors in America list for back to back years. And in a more casual setting, Rebecca has expanded her influence through both her role as a newly bestselling author (with her book “Wealth Unbroken: Growing Wealth Uninterrupted By Market Crashes, Taxes, and Even Death”), and an up and coming social media influencer. With over three hundred thousand followers on Instagram, Rebecca’s pages have international reach, granting her the ability to help people around the world.

Rebecca Walser has made a name for herself in the legal and economic world while also proving her ability to spread her knowledge to others. Almost too good to be true as she dominates multiple aspects of her career, her name will not soon be forgotten.