VolumeX and Nicky Taschew are Taking Over International Economics

Global economics is a complicated industry. With an ever changing flow of power, a variance in the regulation of economies internationally, and the birth of cryptocurrencies, it is difficult to get a foot in the game on a comprehensive scale. Companies and individuals have tried to understand the ebb and flow of the space, but few have been able to master it. But as is true for most things, with a certain drive, passion, and concentrated intelligence, a select group has managed to dominate the modern economic arena. Among these people is Nicky Taschew and his company, VolumeX.

Taschew a native of Munich, Germany, is the Head of Sales and Marketing at VolumeX, a company specializing in helping its clients understand and dominate trading on crypto markets, at the ripe age of 25. Skilled in a variety of surprising things, he has been able to take over the market with his hard work and collaboration with his coworkers and friends. Some would be surprised to know that not only is Taschew fluent in four languages: German, English, Bulgarian, and French, but he also grew up set on becoming a professional table-tennis player. A jack of all trades, as they say, and yet he has still proven himself to be on top of one industry – economics.

VolumeX as a company has been very successful. Founded by a team of young Europeans who have prior experience selling millions in the Bitcoin market – Taschew, and his friends Andreas Vezonik and Muhamed Karasu –  the company’s unconventional yet straightforward software, affiliations, and views on cryptocurrency have made them a valuable resource for individuals striving for success and another source of income. In the new, unique nice that they occupy, they operate in the German, Swiss, and Austrian market, and are looking to expand into the United States and even farther globally.

But Taschew and VolumeX aren’t just business business business. With a company and team willing to work with beginners and budding professionals alike, they are customer-friendly in every way. Taschew told us: “We have a philosophy: people first, and people over profit. In Germany we say ‘gaining comes from serving.’ First you need to serve and create a real testimonial and produce results for the customer or business partner, and then you can earn. This is our way of doing business.” And in a world where capital gain drives most corporations and people, this philosophy is rare, and likely why Taschew and his associates have found so much success with their company. So what’s in the works for VolumeX? The company executives are planning to reach another ten thousand customers in the next year, and have support through their new real estate project. Looking to help the people around them build their own investment portfolios as well as the other trading currencies they do, they provide, and will continue to provide, a comprehensive platforms for their clients. “It’s not only about the money,” Taschew shared, “but also about relationships, missions, and peace and happiness within the body and mind. We work from the perspective that we will encourage our customers to strengthen every aspect of their life in order to be successful.” And successful they are.