Vlogger Mom Deletes YouTube Channel After Using Crying Son For Views Went Viral

YouTuber and Vlogger Jordan Cheyenne has left the platform by deleting her channel!

Just the other day, the Vlogger Mom was facing backlash from Internet users for making a controversial video where she was seen asking her son to ‘cry’ for a video thumbnail.

In the video that Jordan posted two days ago, she was vlogging about getting a new puppy. Everyone in the family seemed happy in the vlog until the news came out that the puppy that they planned to adopt had contracted an illness.

‘Act Like You Are Crying’

The Vlogger Mom’s son immediately begins to cry. However, she says to her child “act like you’re crying,” while trying to get the rught shot for the thumbnail of the video.

The boy responds: “I am crying.” The clip immediately went viral across social media and Jordan Cheyenne was called a ‘disgusting’ mom.

She however came front and apologized for her actions. She said “it was so disgusting of me, I should not have done that at all,” adding “I re-watched it and you guys are completely right.”

Channel Does Not Exist

She also promised to take time off from social media and not to include her son in any of her future Vlogs. But now comes the final nail in the coffin.

She seems to have deleted her YouTube Channel.

On September 12, many users noticed that Cheyenne’s channel is no longer operational . Clicking on any links to the channel brings up a message from YouTube that reads either “this channel does not exist,” or “this page isn’t available.”

The Vlogger’s twitter account remains active but there has been no official statement from her so far.

It remains to be seen whether this is going to be a temporary break or a permanent one! What do you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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