Video of Match Highlights of IPL 2021 Final : CSK vs KKR

Video of Match Highlights of IPL 2021 Final : CSK vs KKR

CSK vs KKR, IPL Final, 15 October 2021, 07:30 PM IST

Match Result : Chennai Super Kings won by 27 runs

Player of the Match : Faf du Plessis

Moeen Ali: “Can’t describe how I’m feeling. To do it with this franchise is great. He’s got no weakness (on Gaikwad who’s standing next to him). He’s so calm. Has got every shot.

Hopefully in the future will play for India. So calm and so clear in what they want to do (on CSK). No changes. Could’ve been dropped a couple of games ago. It’s such a grounded and humble team.”

Robin Uthappa: “Extremely grateful, feels amazing to be part of this side especially how last year went for us. It was a very lean season for us last year and so it was important for us to come back and play as well as we could and really grateful that we have been able to.

I just want to come in and contribute to the team’s success, today we had a good start and it was important for us to take advantage and we had a set batsmen (Faf) at the other end and I took it on and got a few shots. They create very secure environment within the group and there’s lot of clarity and communication within the support staff and the players and that really helps in building a secure group.

I believe it’s your players who are not playing in the eleven that really create the atmosphere within the group and they make sure that they look after the players who are not playing in the eleven and I think that’s one of the biggest takeaways of our success in IPL.”

Bravo: “That’s the first thing I’m going to do when I turn on my phone – let Kieron Pollard know this is the 16th (T20 titles he has won). He has some catching up to do. Belief in the squad from management, owners. After last season was really disappointed.

Owed it to the franchise, the fans to come up with a better performance. Don’t get nervous (coming into a final). Have had good performance in different phases of the tournament. Faf and Ruturaj standout for us. To have these two guys scoring over 500 runs together.

Experience beats youth anyday. Going to change the name from Mr. Champion to Sir Champion (Jadeja standing next to him).” *breaks into song along with Jadeja*

Brendon McCullum: “We are super proud of what we have achieved. Obviously tonight wasn’t ours. Champion side CSK. Even though we fell just short, we can keep our heads high.

The style of play we showed in the second half and the youngsters playing at the top are things that worked for us. KKR have been very supportive as a franchise.”

Stephen Fleming: “We have had a number of finals, but crossing the line is what you want to conquer. There has been a bit of criticism about the age of players in our side, but the players have stepped up.

We value youth, but experience is very important. We don’t go too deep into the numbers, analytics, but are a team more on instincts. Yes we are a bit old school in that sense but it works for us in this group.”

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