Video of India vs Pakistan 2003 World Cup Match Highlights: Sachin Tendulkar MoM

Video of India vs Pakistan 2003 World Cup Match Highlights: Sachin Tendulkar MoM

India vs Pakistan, 36th Match, Centurion, Mar 1 2003, ICC World Cup

Match Result: India won by 6 wickets (with 26 balls remaining)

Player of the Match: Sachin Tendulkar [98(75)]

Match Report: What a win! the key anchor was Sachin Tendulkar with an amazing 98 off 75 balls, when he slaughtered the Pakistan attack getting most of the fifty runs in five overs! That early onslaught wiped out any hopes as he took the run rate beyond control, he was dropped at about 30 but it was a difficult chance to Razzaq at mid off, he went on and carried on attacking the pacers, most focus on Shoaib who finally did get him with a brute of a ball on the off.

Pakistan had done well batting posting a good 273 that looked like a defendable total. The Indian batting machine came out blazing and did not let up, good support form Kaif, Yuvraj and Dravid got them to the winning line in less than 46 overs. With the slow over rate the chances are Pakistan will be fined too to add to the loss.

This game has provided the massive crowd at Centurion and all those watching on TV and on the Web their money’s worth. We are waiting to find out who will be getting the man of the match award.

The Indian team is acknowledging the crowd. The Pakistan team also joins them. Waqar out to talk to the MC, says its not over yet but says full credit to the Indian team and SRT who took the game away from us. Hopes they can still qualify with a bit of fortune

Ganguly thanks everybody and says the way we have played has made the whole country proud. Felt comfortable with chasing the total, congratulates SRT and his other batsmen. Man of the Match is Sachin Tendulkar for the match-winning innings.

Quotes: It was a slow wicket at the start and slightly damp, as the game progressed it got better. It was important for one of the batters to stay till the 14th or 15th over. I didn’t manage to do it in the last few games thankfully it happened today. I am working on timing the ball really well and trying to maintain my shape. It has worked for me for many years. Right from when I started playing cricket, I have relied on timing.

Today also I relied on timing and thankfully it is coming off. My selection in the team where I didn’t get a chance to play, being in the dressing room I got to learn a lot. I got to know some routines, I got to know what hard work to go through, it was a very good learning curve for me. That one thing really helped me a lot. It was a dream, started really slow, didn’t dream of getting a hundred, aim was to get to a total of maybe 160-170.

We are aware of the abilities of the people we have in our batting line-up. That’s why it’s disappointing when we lose. The wicket was behaving really well in the last 3-4 overs, so we knew it’d be much better in the second innings. We just wanted to back ourselves. I am happy I guessed it (pitch getting better in the second innings) right. They (openers) have been giving good starts, they almost finished off the game in the powerplay. 

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