Video Of Ahad Raza Mir, Reporter Questioning About Sajal Aly Pregnancy

  • Ahad Raza Mir is a Young and good looking actor. He is also a Model, Producer and singer who is in the industry since 2010.
  • Ahad has achieved great success over these years.
  • He is a son of a prominent actor Asif Raza Mir.
  • Likewise, his wife Sajal Aly is one of the versatile and prominent actress of Pakistan.
Question About Sajal Aly’s Pregnancy Heavily Criticized
Sajal Aly And Ahad Raza Mir | Instagram

No truth in Sajal Aly pregnancy rumors

Recently, Pakistani showbiz actor Ahad Raza Mir has cleared the air regarding wife Sajal Aly’s pregnancy rumors. A video clip of the Ahad’s interview is doing rounds on the internet where he can be heard responding to the reporter’s question saying, “there is no truth in such news circulating on social media.”

After the video started making rounds on social media, the netizens were quick enough to respond. The audience criticized the anchor for asking such private question. Here we have gathered some public reviews, have a look!

Sajal Aly is busy in her upcoming Show

Hum TV announced a new project Ishq E Laa, in the works with industry powerhouses Sajal Aly and Yumna Zaidi sharing the screen. To add to the excitement, this would be singer Azaan Sami Khan’s debutant drama. After teasing the audiences with teaser clips of the first look, the actual Ishq-e-Laa trailers are finally here. 

The first trailer focuses on Sajal Aly and Azaan Sami Khan’s story. While Khan works what seems to be a corporate job, Aly is a journalist whose job sees her do a lot of fieldwork. She’s passionate about her job as seen in a snippet.

In one of the scene where Khan asks her if she’d leave her “world” for him to which she responds that she won’t because her job means as much to her as his means to him. But her job doesn’t come without danger. In another snippet, her mother worries about her safety.


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