Vibha Chibber To Be Replaced By Rinku Kulkarni In Chhoti Sardarni News

Vibha Chibber To Be Replaced By Rinku Kulkarni In Chhoti Sardarni

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Time icon June 7, 2021

Vibha Chibber, who was getting ready to be included in the Chhot Sardarni cast list as the wife of Punita Isara has been replaced at the last minute.

The actress was ready to fly to Delhi to shoot the show after her role in the previous show, Tera Yaar Hoon Main came to an end. Well, destiny had other things planned!

Vibha Chibber Tests COVID Positive

However, when the actress was to leave for Delhi, she had tested positive for Covid-19.

She underwent a test a few hours before leaving for the shoot. Vibha’s COVID-19 diagnosis left the creators of the show Chhoti Sardarni having no other choice than to find a replacement.

And in order to do this, the creators of the show went to Rinku Kulkarni, and hired her for the role of Vibha’s character of the show.

Home Quarantine

Speaking to a tabloid, Vibha has confirmed the news and stated that on the 1st of June, she was tested for COVID-19. She returned to Mumbai on the 3rd of June for another round of tests on the same day as she had planned, the bio bubble shoots. Unfortunately, the results were positive when she took the test again on Sunday, as she did not have any symptoms, but yet again it came to be positive.

Currently, Vibha is at home in isolation and is undergoing treatment.

Sit Back And Relax

Later in the chat, Vibha also opened up about her disappointment and said she is shocked by the fact how come her reports turn out to be positive in just a matter of 3 days.

The actress was very much excited, and even packed her luggage and had also given it to the measurements of her clothes fir the shoot.

She received reports a total of two hours prior to departure. She said that they were very disappointing.

However, she is taking that positively as she has no symptoms and doing well. She also said that she was continuously working for a year since 2020 and it was a sign to her from the god to sit back and relax.

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