Valkyrae Apologizes After Her Mistake Caused Twitter User To Get Death Threats News

Valkyrae Apologizes After Her Mistake Caused Twitter User To Get Death Threats

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September 8, 2021

Valkyrae has showed all of us that with great power on social media, comes great responsibility.

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetteris is hailed as one of the top female streamers on Twitch. Recently, one of her tweets caused her fans to go and attack a random user.

The situation escalated so much that Valkyrae fans started giving death threats to the random user. This is when the streamer decided to step in.

Valkyrae took responsibility for her mistake and apologized on stream. But what really happened?

The Background

On September 3, Valkyrae replied to an upset Sykkuno fan on Twitter. The tweet of the Sykkuno fan said that they do not want to see Valkyrae’s ex-boyfriend Sonnii on a broadcast.

To this, Valkyrae replied, “I’m canceling the stream.” But the fans of Rae were not happy with her response and started throwing hate at the upset Sykkuno fan whose Tweet Rae replied to.

The Apology

Now, Valkyrae said “I would like to address what happened yesterday.” The streamer was seen crying as she stated during a YouTube broadcast after the drama went down.

“I made a very big mistake. When I reply to people, I tend to forget who can see it.”

Valkyrae Requests Fans Not Yo Harass Anyone

She sent out an official tweet requesting her loyal fans not to disrespect, harass, or throw hate at anyone.

“PLEASE do not harass / send death threats to people sharing their opinions ESPECIALLY ON BEHALF OF ME! I replied to an account and was ignorant of how others would reply to them as well and I feel entirely responsible. I’m sorry to anybody whos attacked by people “defending” me”

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