Utah’s Travis Bott Innovates Gold-Standard Digital Wallets

Leading financial entrepreneur Travis Bott’s company Beyond Global has struck a historic partnership with MCW (multi currency wallet), creating a deflection point in the crypto markets that will now expand crypto services to its members in 90 countries.

MCW- which is the first U.S. based exchange to offer its own Visa debit card is now able to add other unprecedented rewards that only Travis Bott’s Beyond Global is able to extend. 

Unlike any other company currently available to the public market, Beyond Global is surging ahead as they continue to disrupt the finance industry as a direct sales company.

As they revolutionize the way we transact financially, Beyond Global is proud to deliver one of the first products of its kind that users can benefit from by continuing to introduce the Beyond Wallet through its affiliation with MCW. Not only do users earn up to 5% cash back, but every user additionally earns when someone makes a qualified transaction on the exchange.

With each member granted the opportunity to earn from transaction fees from a vast network of members, Beyond offers a reward incentive like no other. The MCW platform also offers free member-to-member transfers globally using its ZoomMe feature.

Developed by the visionary Entrepreneur Bott, Beyond Global conducts business across six continents and 90 countries worldwide. Bott continues to forge new digital finance technologies by changing the way people can access money.

To learn more about the Beyond Global and MCW Visa debit card, visit here.


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