Udayan Kachchhy


There are various top advanced tuition classes & institutes for the science stream in India however, very less for the commerce stream students. Well, finally the wait is over as Udayan Kachchhy’s UKIC Online class in Ahmadabad is a one-stop destination for all the commerce understudies out there.

It all started with a principal objective i.e. to make students understand the difficult and complex concepts of commerce in a manner that will assist students to prosper in the 12th board exams of Gujarat. Rather than the standard online classes, UKIC Online stands apart as it solves all the complex concepts using contemporary techniques which include pop culture & memes. UKIC Online platform is exclusive as it concentrates on the major concepts of the subject which turn out to be extremely useful during revisions.

UKIC Online Course

We offer a complete understanding of all the concepts by covering every single subject including Statistics, Business Studies, Economics, and Accounts. Utilizing scientifically demonstrated tactics & strategies, the scholastic content is conveyed by the faculty/instructor. Additionally, to make subjects more fun, our video lectures also comprise of entertaining references for making the concepts easy to remember.

Moreover, in these times of uncertainty, the students have not quit and watched over 4,000 video lectures so far.

When the students register themselves for the course, they are eligible to subscribe to UKICONLINE which involves all the essential highlights including theoretical notes, mock tests, practice questions, doubt solving sessions, and many more according to the Gujarat board exam design. Apart from this, at our institute, one thing is ensured and that is your kid will surely have fun while studying. Besides, the parents & guardians need not stress about their kids thinking they are merely passing their time or traipsing with their buddies during the lectures.

A One-Stop destination for Commerce students

UKIC stands for ‘Udayan Kachchhy Institute of Commerce’ which was initiated to deliver the best in class education to every single commerce candidate.

UKIC Online is regarded as the best institute in Ahmadabad which serves all the understudies who are aiming to get successful professions in the field of commerce.

Our major motive is delivering quality content to the aspirants by utilizing contemporary teaching-learning techniques that generate various successful rankers consistently.

UKIC Online Course Features

  • Visual Lectures: Our visual teachings involve theoretical video content for all the lessons. You can watch our HD quality video lectures and gain from probably the greatest faculties in the commerce field.
  • Doubt Resolving Sessions: Discrete doubt resolving video lectures are likewise released for a better understanding of the questions & concepts where students generally have issues in comprehending. Live video sessions are also set up during final exams for solving any 11th-hour queries & doubts.
  • Theoretical Material: Theoretical written material is likewise involved in your subscription pack to UKIC, for remembrance of theoretical concepts.
  • Practice Question Papers & Mock Test: Particularly customized practice test questions are conducted & mock tests are uploaded on the app alongside their answers, composed at UKIC.
  • Career Guidance Session: After the board exam, we also conduct various career guidance workshops & sessions to assist the students to pick the right career way.