UK General Election 2019 – Last Minute Public Views News

UK General Election 2019 – Last Minute Public Views

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Time icon December 10, 2019

All set for General Election aka second referendum for brexit. British voters will select 650 members of parliament on coming thursday 12th of December. People have concerns and clear division on brexit especially Northern Ireland border issue and some other key issues of Great Britain including NHS and other fair use of public funds to provide services. People are comparing parties’s manifestos to see where the parties stand on the key issues.

Voters’ Views on UK General Election – Who to Vote For

Dhanjeet Ramnatsing, President of Student Union at Aberystwyth University and very active person in mid wales shared his views and said “I can’t take a specific stance in favour of one party but I can say that we need discussions around improving our public services, funding our NHS properly, building more schools. The right wing parties don’t offer anything like that”.

Another voter is from Birmingham said “I’ve registered both at home in Birmingham and in Aberystwyth. If I’m in aber, I’ll vote Lib Dem because it’s a swing constituency and if I vote at home I’ll vote red, it’s safe seat there anyway but my ideal party is labour. I don’t like the Lib Dem’s saying they will stop brexit, even though I’m anti brexit. You can’t go against the voters, it’s undemocratic. I like labours approach more: make a plan, get people to vote on the plan and decide the future”.

Louise Wilkinson is from Edinburgh uses very optimistic approach and shared her views as “Vote for what you believe in, and vote for the policies you like and or/the mp you think will actually represent you and not what their party say they should! Too much tactical voting goes in down south. I’m very much of the view that labour and the Tories are just as bad as each other. But nothing is going to change if people keep voting with a “best of two evils” type mentality”.

On general election day, voting will take place between 07:00 in the morning till 22:00 at night. The results will be declared through the night and the following day. Let your voice be heard and must vote on 12.12 !!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the voters and do not necessarily reflect the official policy of The Clout News.
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