UFC Champ Alistair Overeem Accuses Paul Brothers For Rigging Their Boxing Fights

The influencer boxing trend has caught momentum in the past two years and it doesn’t seem to slow down. Two of the biggest names that have come up from the whole influencer boxing phenomenon are the Paul Brothers – Logan Paul and Jake Paul.

While the elder brother Logan Paul might not have a very impressive professional boxing record, the younger brother Jake has a clean 4-0 win streak. He will face Tommy Fury in December and it remains to be seen whether Jake Paul can maintain his win streak.


However, a lot of people on the internet have been skeptical about the influencer boxing fights that have been happening. Many say that the Paul brothers rig their fight and the winner is decided beforehand. The boxing match is just a professional acting and scripted fight, as per critics.

MMA Legend Alistair Overeem has now given his two cents about the rumors. He also feels that YouTube kids are doing ‘good business’ with their boxing matches but the fights are ‘pre decided’ and ‘orchestrated’.

Recently, UFC Champ Dillon Danis revealed shocking details from the Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley fight and he said things along similar lines. Dillon said that Tyron Woodley was not allowed to knock Jake Paul out according to the terms of the contract. However, there is no proof to the statements.

What Did Alistair Overeem Say?

Alistair Overeem said: “Good for them but they would never, if it becomes threatening or dangerous, they’d never do it. They would never come into MMA,” he told Weidman. “They are doing something that they feel is ‘hey, this kind of feels like the cards are stacked on my side’ but they would never take a risk to really get hurt like we’re doing – a real fight against a real killer. Time and time again they are doing the safe, easy, playing part. It’s not real fights what they’re doing.”


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