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Tyrese Gibson opens up on how Paul Walker’s family feels about the continuation of the franchise, check it out!

The Fast & Furious franchise has kept its foot on the gas and become one of the most recognizable film series in the world. However, for the past several years, it’s been without one of its key stars – Paul Walker.

Some may still wonder how Walker’s family feels about Fast & Furious moving on from Walker and his character but, according to Tyrese Gibson, they’ve been more than supportive.

In an interview, Tyree said, “ People will say Paul is not in it so why are you guys continuing? That’s exactly why we’re continuing cause we made the shift in my mind saying we have to do this for Paul. But the biggest decision came from us talking to Paul’s family and them giving us their blessing. The last movie that Paul did was 7, and then to see Paul’s father, mother and brothers at the premiere of [The Fate of the Furious], it just sends the message that they’re fully supporting us every step of the way.”

Paul Walker was instrumental in building the Fast & Furious franchise into what it is today. In his loved one’s eyes, halting that would likely be a disservice to his memory.


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