25 Different Types Of Kisses And Their Meanings – With Pictures

Kissing is one of the most romantic actions to ever exist. Couples never run away from sharing a kiss as it symbolizes love, trust, and happiness. A kiss with the right person can elevate your mood and release love hormones in your body making you feel happier. But did you know that there are numerous different types of kisses? In this story, we explain 25 different types of kisses with their meanings.

While all of us might be aware of French Kiss, Neck Kiss, and Hand Kiss, there are other types of kisses as well. All of these ignite desire, passion, and love amongst the partners. If you wanted to try out new kissing styles with your partner, worry no more!

1.) French Kiss

By far the most well-known, popular, and enjoyed kissing style is the French Kiss. Lovers enjoy the intimacy, peace, and feel of a French Kiss more than any other type of kiss.

In a French Kiss, you slowly interlock your lips with your partner’s and go with the flow of it. It can also involve your tongue playing with your partner’s tongue but it depends on individuals and what they like. Doing a French Kiss with someone means that the person is very close to your heart and you fully trust them. Don’t worry if you mess this divine moment as it’s all about trial and error, according to sex and relationship therapist Stray Conger.

2.) Lizzy Kiss

Lizzy Kiss might sound a little weird to some couples but lovers who enjoy being goofy and share similar fantasies, this can be the best kissing style for them. Just like a Lizard sticks out its tongue, in a Lizzy Kiss the partners stick out their tongues and kiss without the use of lips.

This is a very sensual, erotic, and deep-fantasy kiss that not all lovers are comfortable doing. It signifies deep love, trust, and mutual bonding.

3.) Forehead Kiss

Forehead Kiss is the most underrated out of all the 25 different types of kisses in this article. It is the most simple, cute, and effective kiss that lovers can share.

It literally means giving a kiss on your partner’s forehead. This kiss symbolizes care, affection, and respect rather than sexual desire. It can be shared with your parents, elders, and at times, even your friends.

4.) The Bite Kiss

Wanted your dark fantasies to come true? It’s time to try the Bite Kiss on your partner. However, always make sure that your partner is willing to go for it as Bite Kiss can turn out to ruin the erotic moment if there was no consent.

Bite Kiss is just an extension of French Kiss but here you also ‘slightly and slowly’ bite the lip of your partner while kissing to have that extra pinch of fun. It adds more spark to your already intimate and heart-racing kiss. If Bite Kiss is common in your relationship, it means that you both enjoy each other’s company and want to spice things up.

5.) Lip Gloss Kiss

As interesting as it sounds, the Lip Gloss Kiss never fails to make a bad day better. If you want to make your partner’s bad day a whole lot better, apply his/her favorite lip gloss all over your lips and lean in for a kiss. Enjoy your kissing moment until you partner’s lips are covered in the lip gloss too.

Sounds very sensual, doesn’t it? Lip Gloss Kiss is a sure shot way of escalating your kissing experience to greater heights. You partner is going to love you even more.

6.) Earlobe Kiss

Kissing your partner’s earlobe can ignite sensitive and erotic feelings from them. The earlobe kiss is fun, freaky, and exciting.

Earlobe Kiss is easy to perform. All you need to do is to get your partner’s ear between your lips and use your tongue to play with it. You partner is going to love each and every millisecond of it.

7.) Nipple Kiss

Some women love the idea of getting kissed on their nipple. It arouses pleasure and some even orgasm from Nipple Kiss. Kissing the nipple can be coupled with gentle massage, tracing, and pinching of the breasts to add more fun to this kiss.

Nipple Kiss symbolizes a great level of bonding, trust, and fun for life between you and your partner.

8.) Drinking Kiss

This is one of the best type of kisses to enhance your romance experience with your partner. Drinking Kiss requires you to take a sip of your favorite drink (it can also be wine) and slowly pour it in your partner’s mouth while you both kiss.

Drinking Kiss is very erotic, sensual, and of course, at times it is also messy. It might take a few tries to be perfect at it but you and your partner are going to have some fun!

9.) The Angel Kiss

Angel Kiss is not done on the lips! Yes you read the right. In Angel Kiss, you gently lean in and kiss the eyelid of your partner. This is one of the very sweet, cute, and romantic types of kisses to exist.

10.) Nose Kiss

Another fun and cute style of kissing. You can kiss your partner on the nose with your lips or you can also go for a nose-to-nose kiss (also called the Eskimo Kiss).

11.) Shoulder Kiss

As the name suggests, this is a simple yet arousing and affectionate type of kiss. Amongst the 25 different types of kisses, the shoulder kiss has the potential to be your partner’s favorite.

Gently kiss your partner on the shoulders and use your tongue if needed. To spice things up, you can couple it with the bite kiss.

12.) Peck

This is a very quick kiss on your partner’s lips. Do not confuse a peck with a French Kiss. In this kiss, the lips are closes and tongue is not involved. Most couples usually go for a peck as their first kiss. It’s easy, sensual, and there’s no fear of messing it up.

13.) Spiderman Kiss

This is one of the types of kisses guys like the most. Not being sexist, even girls love the Spiderman kiss. It got its name from the movie Spiderman when Tobey Maguire (Spiderman) kisses Kirsten Dunst (Mary Jane Watson) hanging upside down.

In the Spiderman kiss, when you kiss, your chins will be touching each other’s noses.

14.) The Vampire Kiss

While the name of this kiss sounds scary, it is sweet and erotic in reality. You kiss your partner’s neck, bite it, and suck it up. It is a neck kiss but on a wilder level. If your partner is interested in pain as well as pleasure, this is the ideal kiss to go for and you both will have the moment of a lifetime.

15.) Chin Kiss

A cute style of kissing your loved one. Gently hold their chin and tilt it as comfortable and go in for a slow kiss while holding your partner’s chin.

16.) The Candy Kiss

Candy Kiss is a romantic creative mixture. It is an enjoyable and intimate moment between you and your partner. During the candy kiss, each of you eat a favorite candy of your choice and exchange it while doing a French Kiss. If you have no idea what your mouth would taste like at the end of the act, this is an indication to try out the Candy Kiss with your partner.

There a lot of Candy Kiss challenges on YouTube too. This is definitely a fun, popular, and enjoyable kissing type.

17.) Air Kiss

Air Kiss is rather a simple type of kiss and does not always imply sexual arousal. It is very common and can be used by lovers, friends, and even during business meetings in some cultures.

It is considered a formal greeting type of kiss that elders use a lot to greet their young ones and vice-versa. All that needs to be done during the Air Kiss is resting your cheek against the other person’s cheek while make a kissing sound.

18.) Lip Trace Kiss

Lip Trace style of kissing is a fun and flirtatious way to leave your partner wanting more. It is the perfect romance build up tool and signifies a strong bond between the couple.

You trace your partner’s lips and gently kiss them with your tongue in between of this moment.

19.) Ice Kiss

Always wanted to add more fun to your kissing sessions? Why don’t you try out the Ice Kiss? It guarantees all the more fun, passion, and desire during your kiss.

Ice Kiss requires you to hold a ice cube between your lips while kissing your partner and continue the kiss until the whole ice cube melts.

20.) American Kiss

Everyone talks about the French Kiss but did you know that there is American Kiss as well? It is actually derived from French Kiss and is performed in the same way but without the use of tongue. Lock your lips with your partner, and carry out the kiss gently without getting the tongue involved.

Just like the French Kiss, this kiss also means that the person is very close to your heart and you fully trust them.

21.) Genital Kiss

Do not confuse this with oral sex because a Genital Kiss is not the same as that. This is a very erotic and romantic moment between you and your partner and can be remembered for a life time.

A Genitall Kiss can be done on the underwear of your partner or directly on the skin of their genitals that will leave your partner aroused and wanting more.

22.) Cheek Kiss

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As the name of this type of kiss suggests, it is a sweet gesture of kissing your friend, partner, elder, or child on their cheek. The Cheek Kiss signifies comfort, affinity, and care towards a person and is one of the most common types of kisses around.

23.) Hand Kiss

Kissing your loved one’s hand while holding it can make them feel special and much more loved.

Hand Kisses are very common in many countries and are not only reserved for the commoners, but also the royal family members. The concept of placing a kiss on someone’s hand means that you respect and admire them.

24.) Top Of The Head Kiss

This kiss is usually given to youngsters by their elders. It showcases care, affection, love, comfort, security, and other related feelings.

The kiss is gently placed on the top of the head of a youngster by an elder person of the family.

25.) Jawline Kiss

Hype things up with the Jawlines kiss. Your partner will love it when you slowly kiss them on their neck and move upwards to their jawline.

Always start kissing your lover on the bottom of their jaw—the area where their neck meets their face.

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