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Twice makes a highly anticipated comeback with ‘More & More’ MV

Twice just dropped the title track, More & More, off their 9th mini album of the same name. The highly anticipated single is the group’s comeback since their member, Mina, took a break last year for health reasons. The tropical house track is about the emotions two people feel at the height of excitement and sweetness in a relationship. The track boasts of some big names such as the likes of Uzoechi Emenike, Justin Tranter, Julia Michaels, and Zara Larsson. The lyrics were written by JYP chief producer Park Jin-young and singer-songwriter BIBI.

The recently released track has already managed to garner a few million views. The queens of pop are seen dancing in multi color coordinated outfits, sporting fresh new hair colors to go with the tropical summer theme. Known for their stunning sets and backdrops, the new video, does not disappoint. An exotic jungle surrounded by a beautiful blue lagoon acts as the perfect backdrop for the girls who have Tigers, snakes and majestic horses for company.

Following the group’s “Feel Special” from September last year, “More & More” tunes into seasonal sounds with rhythmic EDM beats. Kicking off with Nayeon’s velvety vocals and Momo leading the dance break, the song has their fans ironically wanting ‘More’.

The album’s concept

According to Nayeon, “When you fall in love, you want to know more about that person. It’s an album that reflects that desire to know more and wants more of the person you fall in love with.” Sana added, “The keyword of our album concept was ‘longing’ and we tried to reflect that in our concept photos and music video.”

Leading up to the release of the MV, TWICE gave fans a taste of their latest era through their concept photos and video teasers. JYP revealed two concepts for their album, showing the girls in both bold and delicate concepts. Leader Jihyo explained, “The two concepts are completely different. The first one is very bold while the other looks very pure and clean.

The teaser gave a glimpse of the song’s lyrics. “I know I want it. I’m not gonna try to please you anymore, Cause I deserve it, deserve it. Even if you dislike me for a moment, I won’t worry. Cause I know you, I know you,” TWICE sings.

Funnily enough, the girls say, “You’re gonna say more more more” and that’s exactly what fans can’t get enough of!. Their loyal fan base was quick to show their love and support for the girls. Everything from the outfits, choreography, visuals and vocals were appreciated. 

Widely famous as one of the leading k-pop girl groups, Twice rose to stardom with its high-energy chart busters. “Cheer Up”, “TT” and “Fancy” are some of their highest viewed music videos. The band has grown a lot over its six year long career. Yet they still continue to impress their loyal fan base. The group also became the first K-pop girl group to release a YouTube original documentary series “Twice: Seize the Light” in April.

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