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Trishul Marathe enjoyed working on Mainu Tere Naal

Model-turned-actor Trishul Marathe is excited about stepping into the acting world formally. He makes his acting debut with a music video, Mainu Tere Naal, sung by Sonu Kakkar.

Ask him about the character he plays in the video and Trishul says, “I play an arrogant guy who is full of attitude. He never gives attention to his beautiful neighbour, who is madly in love with him. My character doesn’t respond to her subtle hints, because he is dumb (someone who cannot speak). So, he is always in a fear of losing her because of his disability. But at the end, when she learns the truth, she willingly accepts him with open arms.”

TV actress Mansi Srivastava plays the co-protagonist in the music video. Talking about the experience or working with her, Trishul says, “She is a brilliant actor. We share a great rapport. I remember, when we met on the first day of shoot, it felt as if I’ve met a close friend. She is an amazing person. She is super friendly, is very experienced and has zero attitude. Mansi supported me throughout the shoot of the music video, for which I’m really grateful to her.“

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