Travis Refunded The Fans Ticket Of Astroworld Festival

American rapper Travis Scott was already feeling very devastated and heartbroken after the tragedy. Now he is saying he was “too distraught to play” in the aftermath of the Astroworld festival tragedy. And will not make his headlining appearance at Saturday’s Day N Vegas Festival.

This comes after the mass casulaty happened at his concert in Houston. The disaster unfolded at NRG Park at around 9 p.m. on Friday during the headline performance by Scott. Travis Scott is Germany based singer, he also a Grammy Award-nominated singer and producer. As some audience of about 50,000 surged toward the stage, people began to fall unconscious. Some apparently suffering cardiac arrest or other medical issues, officials told reporters outside the venue. After few minutes later the chaos declared a “mass casualty incident.”

Travis Next Show

Like Astroworld, Day N Vegas is a general admission festival. Where under normal circumstances, fans left to jockey for prime positions. Sources quoted by ‘Variety’ in its exclusive report also said Scott would provide full refunds to all attendees who bought tickets to the Astroworld Festival. Took place at Houston’s NRG Park this past Saturday and had to be cancelled after a crowd surge led to the deaths of eight people aged 14 to 27.

Naming the concert after Travis Scott’s best-selling album, Astroworld been organised by the rapper since 2018. Disrupted last year because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this year’s event was billed as a showcase of the return to post-Covid normality.

So the concert, which included Drake coming on stage for the final songs of Scott’s performance, was webcast live to a worldwide audience by Apple Music. The second night of the festival planned to unfold on Saturday (U.S. Central Time), immediately cancelled as the extent of the casualties of the first night became evident.

Rapper Wrote A Note for Fans

The rapper said he felt “devastated”, and mourned the loss of eight fans, who died as the result of a crowd surge. “I’m absolutely devastated by what took place last night. My prayers go out to the families all those impacted by what happened at Astroworld Festiva”. The rapper began in a statement released on Twitter. “Love You All”. It is still not clear what caused the disaster. An investigation was underway that is likely to focus on security and safety protocols at the event.

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