Top October K-Pop Acts: BTS, NCT 127 Rule Gaon With Triple & Double Million Sales

Top October K-Pop Acts: BTS, NCT 127 Rule Gaon With Triple & Double Million Sales

Once again, it’s that time of the month. Gaon Music Chart has announced its album sales certification awards for the month of October.

They pore through the data of new releases and award certificates; such as platinum and million-seller badges as one of South Korea’s largest music platforms. We witnessed significant releases like Blackpink Lisa’s debut, Itzy’s first studio album; and more in the second half of 2021. BTS and NCT 127 have also retained their dominance in K-pop.

Stray Kids and NCT Dream both received million-seller awards in September for their latest releases ‘NOEASY’ and ‘Hello Future,’ respectively. Each month, Gaon Chart has partnered with the KMCA (Korean Music Content Industry Association); to honour the best-selling albums and top K-pop stars.

They honour albums and songs that have sold more than 250 thousand copies. Only releases that have been out for more than six weeks are considered. It’s no surprise that NCT 127 made this month’s list, as ‘Sticker’ sold over a million copies on the first day of pre-orders.

Gaon published the October list of acts that received album sales certificates on November 11th. BTS is always on their list since they consistently top the charts with both new and old albums, such as their 2018 album Love Yourself: Answer! The album spent a year on the Billboard 200, making it the first K-pop album to reach 100 weeks on the major charts. According to Gaon, the album has now sold three million copies.

NCT, on the other hand, is having a good year in 2021. NCT Dream made history by becoming the youngest artist to sell triple-digit million albums; and they’re always on Gaon, earning double, platinum, and million badges. NCT 127 has now been added to the list.

Lisa of Blackpink’s Solo Debut Could Be The Most Anticipated of The Year

This sub-unit received one million pre-orders in one day and two million pre-orders the day before ‘Sticker’ was released. Fans are currently celebrating Gaon’s record becoming a double million certified album, which comes as no surprise.

Enhypen is on the list as well, although not for Dimension: Dilemma. The album made history by becoming the group’s fastest and youngest million-seller. However, because the release isn’t six weeks old, it won’t be included in this month’s list. Border: Carnival, Enhypen’s summer release, has surpassed 750k sales, making it a triple-platinum seller.

Zero: Fever Part 3 by Ateez could be the band’s most successful record yet. Fans were overjoyed to see that the group had received 810,000 pre-orders, a reference to their tagline “8 MAKES 1 TEAM”. The album also charted on seven Billboard charts, including the Billboard 200; making Ateez the first K-pop artist to have three albums top the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart in the same year. With over 730k sales, the album has officially been certified double platinum.

Lisa of Blackpink’s solo debut could be the most anticipated of the year. With just a single album and two tracks, ‘Lalisa’ made history and received two Guinness World Records; and Lisa continues to smash records. Money is still trending on social media; while Lalisa became the fastest K-pop female soloist music video to reach 300 million views. The single album has now been certified double platinum after only three months.

Itzy’s First Studio Album, ‘Crazy In Love,’ Reaching The Top of Five Billboard Charts

We have another Blackpink member on the list, so Blinks must be overjoyed. Rosé was the second member of Blackpink to go solo; releasing the single album ‘R’ in March. The album was well-received in South Korea and China; where it sold 1.7 million copies. To ensure that it does not fall behind; South Korea has now been given ‘R’ double platinum status for reaching 609k sales. She and Lisa are now the only female soloists on Gaon to have a double-platinum record.

Monsta X is on a roll, with Gaon awarding all of their releases since last year. Even their previous albums are resurfacing, as their second studio album, ‘Take.1 Are You There?’ was certified platinum in August. This month, their single ‘Follow: Find You’ became a platinum seller, causing quite a stir. This achievement is particularly noteworthy because it was Monsta X’s eighth EP and the last K-pop record to feature seven members.

Itzy’s first studio album, ‘Crazy In Love,’ was well-received; reaching the top of five Billboard charts. On the Billboard 200, the album also became the highest-charting fourth-gen K-pop album by a girl group. The record also spent two days at the top of the iTunes Worldwide Album Chart. ‘Crazy In Love’ has already surpassed 480k sales; earning it a platinum badge from Gaon.

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