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Top 5 Original Netflix Drama Series Of 2020

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Time icon November 19, 2020

Netflix has released some of the best and most amazing dramas in its entire series, from House of Cards to Narcos, Marco Polo to Mindhunter. And hits continue to come in 2020.

From horror to mental thriller, time dramas to love dramas and more, the themes use gamut. But what has been well received by viewers?

5.) Hollywood

IMDb – 7.6
Netflix's 'Hollywood' Shows What Happens When Folks Just Do Right - Black  Nerd Problems

The star-studded scenes of the cast and actresses of World War II, the period known as the Hollywood Golden Age, are impressive. It includes names like Darren Criss, Dylan McDermott, Holland Taylor, Jim Parsons, and Patti Lupone.

Created by Ryan Murphy, the man who followed such events as American Horror Story, American Crime Story, and Glee, Hollywood debuted in May 2020 and received twelve Emmy nominations, putting it among Murphy’s best shows to date.

2.) The English Game

IMDb – 7.6
The English Game | Netflix Official Site

A play on British sports history, these miniseries tell the story of the origins of modern football in England, and how it began in the 1870s as a game for the rich only. But when two stars, one from the staff and the upper class, meet, they change the face of the game.

There are only six episodes of this series, the first of which is Netflix by Downtown Abbey creator Julian Fellowes. But it is one of the series with many Netflix movies focused on football.

3.) Spinning Out

IMDb – 7.7
Spinning Out | Netflix Official Site

Aside from getting such high praise from viewers, Spinning Out has been surprisingly canceled after just one season. The story focuses on Kaya, a young snowman who, given the opportunity to resume his work after a serious injury, must fight to keep his family’s mental illness, and to find out that he has bipolar disorder.

Along with the main characters, January Jones plays them as the mother of Kaya, who also suffers from bipolar disorder, and the real life of ice skater Johnny Weir appears in a recurring role.

4.) Unorthodox

IMDb – 8.0
Unorthodox - Riveting Netflix Original Series | Movie Rewind

Technically, most of this series is presented in Yiddish with subtitles, as well as in German. But there are enough conversational English to confirm inclusion in this list. And Unorthodox, which has received several Emmy Award nominations, deserves it, it gives a sad look to the life of Etsy, a 19-year-old Hasidic Jewish woman who runs away from trying to live the life she wants, not the one she expected.

Inspired by Deborah Feldman’s 2012 history, Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots, the story has many horrors and follows Etsy as she flees to Germany where she meets new friends and explores her love of music. Her anxious husband, trying to find her and bring her home.

1.) The Queen’s Gambit

IMDb – 8.9

The Queen's Gambit' Exclusive Trailer: See Anya Taylor-Joy Play a Chess  Prodigy | Entertainment Tonight

A brand new drama from Netflix is ​​also regarded as one of the most iconic, as fans have enjoyed the story of reviving a young orphaned girl and chess prodigy. As Beth grows up in an orphanage, she continues to hone her skills, with the goal of becoming a master of chess. But he must fight the demons along the way, including emotional issues and drug and alcohol abuse

The fictional story consists of seven episodes. In addition to being featured by IMDb viewers, the website reviewing aggregator Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 100% total score from 57 reviews so far. When you’re done watching this show, check out some movies about chess.

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