Top 5 K-Dramas To Look Forward To In November 2021

Top 5 K-Dramas To Look Forward To In November 2021

It’s the best season for K-drama fans, with a slew of new dramas set to premiere on JTBC, tvN, SBS, KBS, and Netflix in November. Yumi’s Cells, Lovers of the Red Sky, and My Name were among the major shows that ended in October.

These timeslots are now being filled with even better K-dramas that have generated a lot of buzz.

5 K-Dramas With Promising Cast

1. Dr. Brain

The official plot of Dr. Brain, Apple TV’s first Korean drama, is as follows: An emotional journey following a brain scientist obsessed with developing new technology to access the brain’s consciousness and memories. When his family is involved in a tragic accident, he uses his abilities to access memories from his wife’s brain in order to piece together the riddle of what happened to them and why.

Release date: November 4

Where to stream: Apple TV

Cast: Lee Sun Kyun, Lee Yoo Young, Park Hee Soon, Seo Ji Hye, Lee Jae Won, Uhm Tae Goo

2. Happiness

Happiness is a tvN K-drama with the following official plot: A new form of fatal virus sweeps across the city, and the flat, which houses people from many social groups, is walled off. The occupants must spend and survive in the new habitation despite the fear of the virus and the disputes between the various classes.

Yoon Sae Bom made his conclusion and judgement quickly. She did not grow up in a happy household. She wants to be at ease in this difficult world, but she is also righteous and cannot tolerate injustice.

In the K-drama, Jung Yi Hyun is a police detective who specialises in violent crimes. He used to be a baseball player, but due to a knee injury, he had to retire. He fights to keep the occupants in the flat safe from danger.

In the K-drama, Han Tae Seok worked as an information agent while serving in the military, then after being discharged, he worked as a pharmaceutical executive. He’s the ideal candidate for a job dealing with contagious diseases. The core plot is around how the three survived the virus epidemic.

Release date: November 5

Where to stream: Viki

Cast: Park Hyun Sik, Han Hyo Joo, Jo Woo Jin

3. Now, We Are Breaking Up

The official plot of the K-drama Now, We Are Breaking Up, according to Viki, is as follows: As the team leader of one of the country’s top fashion firms’ design departments, Ha Young Eun has built a name for herself in the industry. Young Eun is beautiful, stylish, and intellectual, and she is good at what she does. However, things are a little different when it comes to relationships. Young Eun is a pragmatist to a fault, and she comes to appear as cold-hearted since she values stability above everything else.

Young Eun has never been troubled by the idea that some may perceive her as chilly because she is content in both her profession and her life. Things take an unexpected turn when she meets Yoon Jae Kook, a well-known freelance fashion photographer.

Jae Kook is the epitome of a perfect man: affluent, gorgeous, and clever, but that isn’t what draws Young Eun’s interest. Young Eun can’t seem to ignore the fact that there’s more to Jae Kook than meets the eye.

He and Jae Kook in the K-Drama find themselves falling for each other as if in a dream. However, not every fairy tale has a happy conclusion. Is their narrative doomed to end in heartbreak, or will they, in the end; find their own version of happily ever after?

Release date: November 12

Where to stream: Viki

Cast: Song Hye Kyo, Jang Ki Yong, Choi Hee Seo, Kim Joo Heon, Nam Ki Ae

4. School 2021

The plot of School 2021 has yet to be revealed. This K-drama, on the other hand, is part of a popular school franchise that has represented the lives of students as realistically as possible over the years. The show will focus on the lives of kids who attend a vocational school in this episode.

Release date: November 17

Where to stream: Viki

Cast: Kim Yo Han, Choo Young Woo, Jo Yi Hyun, Hwang Bo Reum Byeol, Kim Kang Min, Seo Hee Seon

5. Hellbound

The official plot of this K-drama, according to Netflix, is as follows: Bloody condemnations are delivered by extraterrestrial creatures, sending individuals to hell and giving rise to a religious movement based on the concept of divine justice.

Release date: November 18

Where to stream: Netflix

Cast: Yoo Ah In, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyun Joo, Won Jin Ah, Kim Do Yoon

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