Tim Cheung’s Experience As A Food Blogger Will Inspire Your Own


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to turn your passion into a career? Or how to make your talents and skills profitable? You have probably seen a great number of people–particularly on social media–making a living out of their passions. They should be your inspiration to continue pursuing your dreams and turning your interests into a job you love.

Professional food photographer and blogger Tim Cheung has been one of the lucky ones who in the last few years have been making a living out of their passion. He was on his way to becoming a computer scientist when he realized there was a more natural affinity with food blogging. All his life, he has enjoyed going out to eat and trying new foods. So, five years ago he turned this hobby into a career. By taking advantage of his digital marketing and social media marketing experience, this food blogger was able to design an appealing and captivating Instagram account to take his followers–now more than 124K–on a delicious adventure with the Bay Area Foodies.

This self-proclaimed foodie who is crazy for all the newest food hypes wants to spread the word about the quality and tasteful mom and pop restaurants in the Bay Area. For this reason, Cheung has become a consistent and reliable blogger. His content is relatable and accessible for his followers to remain interested. He learned to do this by highlighting certain aspects of a dish that would captivate people. If you take a look at his photographs or videos, you will see syrups being poured or egg yolks oozing, among other tricks.

According to Tim’s experience, the most important thing is to make food blogging fun for yourself because seeing it as a chore could lead to losing interest. To avoid this, he gives two recommendations. Number one, always blog about food you find interesting, allowing you to create content you enjoy making. Number two, make friends that are as passionate as you about food blogging to keep you motivated. Plus, he says, “food also tastes better when it is shared!” If you follow his recommendations, you will be able to keep a consistent posting schedule to help grow your audience and keep your followers on their toes, always wanting more.

Are you looking into becoming a food blogger? Maybe understanding this food blogger’s process will inspire you. During the week, before the lockdown, Cheung will do food crawls once or twice with other bloggers. On those days, they would visit five different spots. The rest of the week he busies himself editing photos, creating videos, and studying trends to see what next interesting topic he could focus on to make more content. He says, “Food blogging is definitely something people can easily start. The most difficult challenge is to be consistent.”

In the last five years, Tim Cheung has been lucky enough to have turned his talent and his passion for food into a profitable career. Food blogging has also led him to become a professional food photographer for some of the top restaurants in San Francisco. His career is the result of consistency, dedication, and hard work. Like him, you can redirect your life to create the perfect job for yourself. What are you waiting for? Take your passion and make it happen.


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