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Tiger King and Manifest are tied for the most days spent on Netflix’s top ten list

Manifest has shown its streaming popularity by tying Tiger King’s record for the most days spent at the top of Netflix. Because of its convoluted, otherworldly mystery, the NBC series was dubbed “television’s new Lost” when it launched in 2018. The passengers of Flight 828 arrive in New York after what appears to be a routine flight, except that they have been reported missing for five years. The show was picked up by NBC for three seasons due to its initial success.

Unfortunately, Manifest’s popularity declined over time, and NBC cancelled the show mere days after the third season ended in June. Manifest left various plot lines hanging, as series creator Jeff Rake had planned for six seasons.

On social media, fans instantly began pushing for a revival, and there was some hope that it would be picked up by a streaming site like Netflix. Netflix, however, declined to renew Manifest a week after talks began, putting a stop to efforts to save the show.

Manifest Season 3

Around the same time that NBC’s Manifest season 3 ended, Netflix released the first two seasons, which soon became the streaming service’s next acquired smash. According to TVLine, it opened at #2 on Netflix’s Daily Top 10 list before rising to #1. Manifest then stayed there for a total of 27 days, almost breaking the record.

Unfortunately, Manifest was knocked off the top spot by the comeback of Virgin River over the weekend. This means that Manifest is now tied with Tiger King for the second-longest period at #1; Ginny & Georgia holds the record with 29 days.

Rake has underlined his desire to finish Manifest’s story in some way, despite the lack of a streaming or cable pickup. Rake has stated that he hopes to make a 2-hour Manifest film that would solve all of season 3’s unknowns. It’s unclear whether this will ever happen, but Netflix’s viewing stats indicate that the mystery surrounding Manifest continues to excite people’s attention. Perhaps this will help Rake in his efforts to provide closure to the fans.

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