Thor: Love & Thunder Writer Reveals She Also Worked On Hawkeye

Thor: Love & Thunder Writer Reveals She Also Worked On Hawkeye

Thor: The God of Thunder and Love Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, a writer; has stated that she worked on Disney+’s newest MCU original series, Hawkeye, for a short time. Marvel Studios’ latest slate of films has spanned a wide range of genres and storytelling styles; since they started announcing new projects earlier this year.

When Disney+ debuted its first slate of original streaming shows earlier this year; this was never more clear than the move from WandaVision to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier; and finally to Loki. Now, a writer like Robinson can transition from writing on a low-level hero like Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) to a true deity like Thor in the MCU (Chris Hemsworth).

While Thor: Love and Thunder are still six months away, Hawkeye premiered its first two episodes on Disney+ earlier today. Renner reprises his MCU role of Clint Barton in the series; as he returns from a brief retirement to mentor a new young vigilante called Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld).

Apart from confirmation that Natalie Portman will return to the franchise to tackle Jane Foster’s cancer narrative; which was initially featured in the comics; most of Thor’s idea is kept under wraps. Despite the vastly different stories, Robinson appears to have played a role in the completion of both projects.

Robinson recently sent out a congratulatory tweet in honour of Hawkeye’s Disney+ launch. She disclosed in a tweet that she “Got to spend a little time […] last summer working on Hawkeye.” Here’s the rest of the tweet:

Hawkeye and Thor: Love and Thunder will cover vastly different aspects of the Marvel universe; but they will also feature plenty of laughs. Robinson has directed her own comedic projects, including Someone Great and Unpregnant. Hawkeye’s lighthearted tone and clever dialogue have already been highlighted in the two episodes that have aired; as well as the numerous promos and TV advertisements published to promote the show.

Though the creative team of Robinson and Taika Waititi; (as well as Guardians of the Galaxy’s James Gunn to a limited extent) all but guarantee a comical tone, no excerpts of Thor: Love and Thunder have been published as of yet.

With so many MCU projects in the works, it’s only natural that the studio would repurpose known faces throughout their various series and films. If Disney wants to keep the massive release schedule they’ve planned for the next several years; they’ll have to be logistically efficient. With Hawkeye on the air and Thor: Love and Thunder on the horizon, Robinson should be able to continue working with Disney’s core brands.

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