This Podcast is All Set to Take the World by Storm with Its Exclusive World Tour

Shame on You Gay –a unique podcast concept is known to take the world by surprise through its one-of-a-kind world tour.

The podcast is the brainchild of Jordan & Brad, two Toronto-based best friends. Both were taught from the beginning to be ashamed of being gay. After breaking down due to the constant pressure and nagging by people all around, these 32-year-old best friends came up with a new, innovative concept. They came up with the idea of developing this interesting podcast to express their views to the entire world.

The podcast “Shame on You” aims at unraveling the struggling journey of Jordan & Brad. Through this podcast, both men aim at speaking up against the common, orthodox norms of the society, especially in terms of recognizing and treating gays as equals. Given its immense popularity, some of the highly expected guests of the podcast include gay men, ex-boyfriends, and other individuals who are commonly plagued by such shameful comments or nagging.

In the pursuit of promoting the podcast, the founders of the podcast came up with this revolutionary concept of an exclusive world tour. The world tour will commence on 19th April. The first-ever pit-stop of the world tour will take place at The Oasis in San Francisco. The next stop is Los Angeles. The event will take place on 20th April at the famous Rockwell Table & Stage. 2. More dates regarding the world tour and information about places are yet to be announced by the founders of the podcast.

Those that are interested in the event can visit the official website and book the tickets to become a part of this podcast’s iconic world tour.

Given its immense popularity in the gay community across the world, the podcast has been extensively covered by some of the well-known and popular news portals like CBC, Toronto Sun, Sirius Satellite Radio, CTV, O&AN, and Southern California Magazine.

While the first-ever teaser was released on 12th March 2019, the podcast first surfaced on 14th March, 2019. Fresh episodes are done every week to keep in constant touch with the listeners.

A single episode of the podcast can go on for about an hour. As far as the “shame on you” podcast team is concerned, it’s a small family affair. Jordan, one of the cofounders, is a leading writer, comedian, and an activist. He is renowned for his popular novel “Mu Therapist Sent Me Nudes.” On the other hand, Brad Price, is the co-host and the other cofounder..

The podcast has grown significantly from 200 downloads to reaching over a million downloads in a matter of less than a year, which is undeniably a feat in itself.