The Story Of Raghav Gogia From Being A Digital Marketer To A Lifestyle Influencer Is Worth Applauding News

The Story Of Raghav Gogia From Being A Digital Marketer To A Lifestyle Influencer Is Worth Applauding

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October 21, 2019

The influencers on social media have made it big and in today’s time, even men have stepped their feet into becoming a fashion expert. In other words, men are becoming fashionable and are changing the trends with becoming popular fashion influencers. Not just women, now even men are conscious as far as their grooming is concerned and they want to keep themselves updated with the latest fashion trends. Raghav Gogia is a Delhi based luxury lifestyle influencer who started his blog ‘Style Highness’ with having an interest in fashion which has now turned out to be a huge success on social media.

Raghav has been influencing people through his blog and his charming yet flamboyant personality has helped him achieve more than 160K followers on Instagram. However, before becoming an influencer he started off his career in 2014 in the corporate sector with a job in digital marketing. With time, he saw a shift in his interest in fashion and in 2017 he made up his mind to become a lifestyle blogger. Making creative and authentic content has seen him working with major Indian as well as international brands. He took the digital world by surprise when he became a face for Tommy Hilfiger’s digital campaign in India. “The prerequisite to be a men’s influencer is that one must know the art of influencing others and be a trendsetter”, Raghav stated.

With not following any trends and creating his own trend is what makes him an exceptional blogger. Talking about being creative, he said, “Influencer industry is very diverse now, so if you’re someone who’s putting his/her best foot forward and is creative then you’ll definitely get recognition.” Leaving his corporate job and choosing a completely different career was not an easy thing for him. But while working as a digital marketer, he networked with many influencers before becoming the one. However, what started as a hobby out of interest became his full-time profession and today Raghav Gogia is rocking big time on social media.

Thanking his family, he revealed that they have always extended their support in his decisions and it is because of them what he is today. Lastly, he gave a piece of special advice to all the aspiring influencers and said that creativity is above everything and influencers should be unique to stay relevant on social media.