The Real Reasons Wanda Broadcasted Her Show In WandaVision News

The Real Reasons Wanda Broadcasted Her Show In WandaVision

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Time icon June 2, 2021

Jac Schaeffer, the WandaVision writer revealed why the Marvel superhero broadcasted her life in Westview. The show started out with Wanda and Vision moving into Westview as a married couple. Marvel Studios’ most unique project to date received a lot of appreciation from fans.

Both Wanda and Vision were trying to blend in as they live the ideal life of a suburban couple. However, it was not long until WandaVision revealed what is going on exactly. WandaVision’s first few episodes were a look into their day-to-day lives as it was inspired by classic sitcoms from the last several decades. Hence, the show was far away from its usual style.

It became quite clear that something was off about Westview as we saw Vision’s unexpected resurrection as one of the biggest hints. The show revealed by episode 4 that Wanda and her family existed in a pocket reality while the outside world watched their lives. WandaVision revealed why Wanda had an inclination towards American sitcoms. She used to watch the show as a child with her family in Sokovia as a means of entertainment. However, the show did not explain her decision to broadcast her life as she lived her fantasy inside the hex.

Jac revealed this query by giving two reasons. The first reason was that broadcasting her life gave Wanda better control since she can control what happens in her idealized life. And the second reason is that it is her cry for help as she was in grief. He said, “In my mind, Wanda is broadcasting for two reasons. One, she’s curating her experience. She is creating the full picture of her idealized world. So she’s editing and adding a score and adding commercials, and she’s making the completed piece that is verification of her perfect life.”

“It’s a call for help. It’s reaching out.”

The writer further added, “Second to that, I think she’s looking for a witness. It’s a call for help. It’s reaching out. The broadcast ends and cuts out after the hex expansion at the end of Episode Seven. And that’s because she’s done with the outside world.”

If we think about it, throughout the show, Wanda re-wound time and cut certain scenes, or even roll the credits if something is going out of order. The rest of the people who were watching this did not know what was really happening inside since they were barred from seeing it. But Wanda did experience these obstacles and had full control of the broadcast. So the Marvel superhero was trying to project that everything was fine with her and her family.

Jac’s second point fits well as WandaVision’s main storyline was Wanda’s mental health. The reason why people loved and resonated with it was because of its focus on tackling a woman’s suppressed trauma. This is of course despite Marvel Studios’ brilliant project. Wanda was alone and had no one to lean on. Her actions were questionable sometimes but it is easier to sympathize with her.

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