The November Singer Brand Reputation Rankings are topped by BTS

We have some exciting news to share with you! With a brand reputation index of 15,360,053, BTS topped the November singer brand reputation rankings list, while Im Young Woong came in second with a total index of 15,146,604 for November.

With a brand reputation index of 6,565,822, aespa came in third in the rankings.

The November Singer Brand Reputation Rankings

With a total index of 6,474,663, Lee Chan Won landed in fourth place. Finally, with a brand reputation rating of 5,253,556, IU rounded out the top five for November.

BLACKPINK came in sixth, followed by Jeong Dong Won in seventh, SEVENTEEN in eighth, Young Tak in ninth, and TWICE in tenth. The rankings were determined using big data collected from October 27 to November 27 and an examination of singers’ media coverage, consumer participation, interaction, and community awareness indices.

Meanwhile, ARMYs are thrilled since BTS will be having their first in-person concert, ‘BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA,’ on November 27-28 and December 1-2 in Los Angeles. This amazing announcement comes two years after the conclusion of the ‘2019 BTS WORLD TOUR LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF THE FINAL’ in Seoul. ARMYs have been displaying their excitement for the performance by posting images and videos to social media networks.

BTS Performance Of Their Single PTD

It was their first in-person appearance on the show in almost two years, following their live performance of ‘Black Swan’ in January 2020. According to NME, BTS’ most recent appearance on the show includes a remote video interview and pre-recorded performances of ‘Life Goes On and ‘Dynamite’ taped in Korea, as well as a distant video interview. Corden also had an interview with the group during their appearance on the show, during which he addressed the abuse he experienced from BTS fans earlier this year.

According to NME, the talk show host was scolded in September for describing BTS’ performance at the UN Summit as “pretty unusual” and referring to BTS followers as “15-year-old chicks.” “I hope you realize this, we truly love you and we love the entire ARMY,” James remarked during the concert. Corden also mentioned how ARMYS can be a “real force for good,” saying, “They’ve sponsored causes that I support back home, and they’re great.”

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