The new film starring Shahid Kapoor and Ali Abbas Zafar will be a remake of a French film

Shahid Kapoor hasn’t acted in a film since ‘Kabir Singh,’ but a list of his tv series and movies has been collected.

He has wrapped filming on his film Jersey. Following that, he will star in the mythology film Karna. His online series with Raj & DK, the director of Family Man, is also in the works. Shahid will also appear in Ali Abbas Zafar’s feature, which will be released exclusively on the digital platform.

Remake of French Film

This film has now received several updates. According to which, this film is a Hindi remake of the French film Nuit Blanche (Sleepless Night in English).

“Ali has acquired the rights to adapt Nuit Blanche, the film that stars Tomor Sisley in the starring role,” a source told Bollywood Hungama. This 2011 action thriller follows the life of a police officer with ties to the underworld, which come to light when he is attempting to steal drugs from a powerful drug lord while also attempting to save his son. He puts his lives in danger. The source went on to say that the plot will follow how the police officer saves his son.

Shahid will portray a police officer who fights gangsters and how a parent saves his child in one night in this film. He’ll fight those criminals all night long in order to reclaim his child.

In order to appeal to an Indian audience, several adjustments will be made to the script. Shahid is set to star in the film, but the female lead is still up for sale. So far, there are no hints as to who will play Shahid’s sidekick.

The film, which has yet to be named and will be Ali’s debut thriller, will be shot mostly in Abu Dhabi later this year.

Through his company Offside Entertainment, Ali will produce the film himself. The paperwork is complete, and Shahid and Ali are eager to begin working together.Although the actual shooting schedules have yet to be decided.


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