The Incredible Journey Of The 18 Year Old Self-Made Millionaire Entrepreneur Edward Shatverov News

The Incredible Journey Of The 18 Year Old Self-Made Millionaire Entrepreneur Edward Shatverov

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October 26, 2019

Edward Shatverov is a Millionaire American Entrepreneur, E-Commerce Expert, and a Real Estate Investor. Edward Shatverov always had aspirations of becoming a millionaire back when he was in his early teens. At a young age, it was evident early on that he was willing to do anything it took to make the fortune he so desperately craved. Shatverov introduced himself to the marketing scene at only age 15. Although it wasn’t easy, Shatverov spent hours in front of his laptop trying to figure out the fundamentals of the marketing world. What’s truly unique about it is that many would believe that sitting in front of a computer screen for several hours a day is a waste of time, and they would decide to give up within a certain amount of time after seeing 0 results, but Shatverov steadily pushed forward until achieving the goals he was satisfied with.

Shatverov invested a large sum of his earnings from the E-Commerce industry into massive online businesses and companies successfully. Edward Shatverov is also a real-estate investor. Many would invest without knowledge but instead of learning from his own mistakes, he learned by watching other people fail. Shatverov has assisted and changed many lives as of 2019 and will continue to do so by offering his skills and expertise on several different topics. Shatverov claims to know the in and outs of marketing online. He also claims that he knows methods that no one ever thought of which is most likely why he became a widely known name in the E-Commerce industry.

As of today, Edward Shatverov’s goals are to push forward and help others achieve financial freedom. He wants to preach the teachings that anyone can do what he has achieved in his life at such a young age.