The ‘Horror Vlogger’: Ankur Kashyap News

The ‘Horror Vlogger’: Ankur Kashyap

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Time icon April 9, 2020

Ankur Kashyap is an Indian entertainer, vlogger, filmmaker, content creator and Youtube personality from Delhi, India. He is known for his YouTube horror channel Ankur Kashyap Vlogs.

Ankur Kashyap has created a new wave in Indian Youtube with his Horror videos that are nothing less than movies. Ankur is just 20 years old and holds more than 1.1 Million subscribers on Youtube. He says “ I wanted to be a filmmaker since childhood so i started making videos on YouTube that looked like movies. I had always been interested in horror content so i started making them myself and my videos started going super viral all over the internet” .

Ankur went from 100,000 subscribers to 1,000,000 subscribers in just 1 year. His most viewed video currently has 8.2 Million views. He has been approached by some big names in the industry to work with them.

From going to some of the Most Haunted Locations of India to doing haunted 3 am rituals, Kashyap has done everything that makes him the top Horror Entertainer in India.

Ankur has built a strong fanbase amongst youngsters all over India, even in the neighbouring countries. His videos are unique, scary and interesting to watch. His fans call him The Best Horror Vlogger to ever exist. AnkurFAM as he calls his fans, have made drawings of him and they want to be like him; brave hearted, different and unique. He’s an inspiration to millions of youngsters today. From being a college dropout to being a famous Youtube personality, Ankur has seen it all.

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