The Battle For Freedom – Mauricio Rosero News

The Battle For Freedom – Mauricio Rosero

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Time icon February 28, 2020

In Latin America we are going through difficult times: we find social struggles that try to achieve better conditions that allow us to achieve a better quality of life for us, our children, our elderly, our neighbors who suffer and tremble in the face of many difficulties. However, this road becomes difficult when governments in their thirst for power and blinded by greed cause wars between brothers that only lead to death, social inequality, hatred and violence, where there is no winner in any of the sides.

It should be noted that wars under no circumstances are the way out of the problems we face as a nation. However, when the people suffer with the oppression of a government that represses its citizens using violence and weapons – causing a wave of rejection, in addition to human losses -, civic disobedience is the peaceful way to claim.

The power of the people sustains public management. In fact, democratic states must submit to citizens, always taking into consideration what the majority demands. And when the media manipulate information trying to deceive the population, social networks become guarantors of the truth and what really happens in the streets. This is how citizens become journalists informing on their own what they try to cover up.

For example, Mauricio Rosero is a young Colombian who is being news and is the protagonist of a video that circulates on social networks and that has been made viral by the content of his message. Of Colombian origin, but with real and notorious feelings for the Venezuelan people, he speaks of the much desired freedom they pursue in a struggle of more than 20 years and that has left hundreds of deaths not only of young people but also of children who have left The streets to ask for a change.

The video that has been reproduced more than two million times speaks of the reality of the Venezuelan people, the migration to countries that have provided a helping hand and the struggle that has not dispelled the desire to fulfill the dream of seeing a free Venezuela.

The loss of friends and brothers has not made this brave young man give up the path drawn from his incorporation to the fight or the feelings that have made him a better human being. For something he ends up saying that love is the only weapon that is capable of defeating the hatred that manifests the dirty rhetoric and politics of a usurping government.

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