Thandie Newton Reveals Tom Cruise Left Her ‘Terrified And Insecure’

Thandie Newton has revealed how it was like to work with Tom Cruise on Mission: Impossible II in 2000.

The actress played Tom’s love interest in the movie. Tom’s character Ethan Hunt had a love interest which was Newton’s character, Nyah Nordoff‑Hall. In an interview with Vulture she has revealed how terrified and insecure she felt two decades ago working with Tom.

Talking about a scene they filmed in Spain, she revealed that she was scared of Tom. Newton further said he was a dominant individual and tried really hard to be a nice person. But she says the pressure was a lot and he takes it on.

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Thandie revealed struggling to film a scene in Spain in which they had to take a perfect take. She described the scene as ‘poorly-written’. Thandie explained that this scene did not make Tom happy with what she was doing. She reveals that she had the shittiest lines and Tom got frustrated.

Newton further explains that Tom tried to improvise and switched roles to practice but that method obly made her suffer more. She says it pushed her further into a place of insecurity and terror. And Newton continues saying bless Tom because he was trying his best but he was really stressed out.

Thandie revealed that she called late director Jonathan Demme, who she previously worked with on Beloved and The Truth About Charlie. She seeked advise from the director after which he scolded her for not having her back. He made her realise that Tom wanted an ‘apha b***h’.

Thandie further revealed that Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise’s wife back then, scooped her the role. However, Tom Cruise’s behavior on set has been up for discussion before. Director Drew Goddard described their meeting as one of his surreal experiences. He revealed that Tom was a wonderful in his experience with him. The director says he has never met anyone who is that enthusiastic, creative and supportive. He said, “He has that energy and to feel that energy directed towards you about you, it’s like a drug. It’s wonderful.”

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Thandie further reveals in her interview that she is finally enjoying the kind of career boost she is receiving that she expected to have in her 20s. The actress played the role of Maeve in HBO’s sci-fi drama, Westworld. The role has made her a household name and she gushed that she is an action hero at this age. She further admits, ‘I’m flabbergasted! I feel like I’m in my prime, and my 40s are great, man, but why didn’t this happen in my 20s? It’s the complete reverse of what it should be’.

Thandie also talked about the physical requirements of playing her character in Westworld. She compares the experience to being in a military. The actress explained they have to stay fit throughout filming. Her character started out as a brothel owner in the series within the Westworld theme park.

Thanks to a glitch in her programming, the sassy saloon-owner begins to obtain consciousness and eventually understands she’s part of a scripted storyline.

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