Taylor Swift Reveals Why She Made Music Under Nils Sjoberg Pseudonym

We all know Taylor Swift has a reason for doing everything in her life. She recently revealed why she had chosen her pseudonym Nils Sjoberg to make music.

In a discussion with Sir Paul McCartney for the Rolling Stone, the singer revealed her double life as a songwriter. She explained why pseudonyms can be useful for musicians. The Lover singer shared that she thinks a pseudonym comes when one had a love for making the work.

She shared one does not want the work to become overshadowed by “this thing” that is been built around you. It is based on what people know about the person and that is when it is fun to create fake names and write under them. The former Beatles member asked her the question we all have been wondering about.

He asked her if she has ever done that to which she responded saying yes. Sir Paul asked her further if it is widely known among people that she does. Taylor said, “I think it is now, but it wasn’t. I wrote under the name Nils Sjöberg because those are two of the most popular names of Swedish males. I wrote this song called ‘This Is What You Came For’ that Rihanna ended up singing. And nobody knew for a while.”

The singer recalled that she used to hear when Prince wrote Manic Monday, they did not reveal it for a couple of months. The former Beatles alum appreciated the singer for using a pseudonym to work on music.

He revealed, “Yeah, it also proves you can do something without the fame tag. I did something for Peter and Gordon; my girlfriend’s brother and his mate were in a band called Peter and Gordon. And I used to write under the name Bernard Webb.”

Taylor & Calvin Keep Their Collaboration A Secret

Taylor first used a pseudonym while working on her hit song, This Is What You Came For with ex-Calvin Harris. It was a secret at first but Taylor’s rep confirmed her involvement in the song months after its release.

Calvin had later revealed that his ex sang a “little bit of it too”. However, he kept it a secret without revealing where her vocals appear. “Amazing lyric writer and she smashed it as usual,” he tweeted at the time. The Scottish DJ shared that he wrote the music, produced the song, arranged it, and cut the locals. He added, “And initially she wanted it kept secret, hence the pseudonym.”

Taylor had produced a cover of her 2017 single, Look What You Made Me Do, earlier this year. The song was inspired under her Swedish pseudonym for Killing Eve. The cover had a nonexistent band called Jack Leopards & The Dolphin Club.

The singer’s fans, however, theorized that her brother, Austin Swift and Jack Antonoff were behind the band’s creation. Jack was also listed as a producer of the song.


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