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Taapsee Pannu comes up with a desi jugaad to solve her air conditioner leakage problem

Due to the lockdown, everyone is spending time with their family at their home. Due to the lockdown, all the shops are closed except the important ones, due to which everyone is facing trouble. Meanwhile, Bollywood’s cool girl Taapsee Pannu has to face trouble. Recently, Taapsee has shared a video on his Instagram account. Through this video, She has mentioned his problems. In the video, you can see that the AC of the actress’s house is damaged and it is leaking. Taapsee has made a native jugaad to fix it.

Taapsee shares the video on Instagram, stating, “What can you do when your AC goes bad and can’t call the fixer at home? How much is the AC leaking.” Meanwhile Tapasi turns her camera towards AC and shows “how the water is leaking”. But Taapsee has also dug up the desi nsukka to fix it, you can see in the video that “wrapping the dupatta with AC wire and leaving it in the bucket below and made sure that the water in the bucket Did not fall out on the floor. 


Taapsee further states, “Friends Struggle is enough. Talking about the workfront, Tapsee will be seen in the film ‘Rashmi Rocket’, ‘Haseen Dilruba’.

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