Sylvester Stallone’s final day of filming for The Expendables 4 is caught in a set video

Sylvester Stallone, star of The Expendables 4, has posted an on-set video from his final day of filming.

The fourth Expendables film has had a rocky development phase, with Stallone initially leaving the project in 2017 due to creative differences, only to rejoin in 2018. The COVID-19 pandemic threw more barriers in the way, but filming on the long-awaited sequel ultimately began in September.

Final day of filming for The Expendables 4

Stallone reprises his role as legendary team leader Barney Ross. Returning co-stars Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, and Randy Couture will join him. Megan Fox, 50 Cent, Andy Garcia, and Tony Jaa are among the newbies. Max D. Adams, John Joseph Connolly, and Spenser Cohen wrote The Expendables 4, yet plot specifics have been kept under wraps so far.

Scott Waugh, the director of Need for Speed, is directing this new installment of the action franchise, succeeding Patrick Hughes, the director of The Expendables 3.

Have A Look

Stallone uploaded a video from his final day on shooting for The Expendables 4 in the latest sneak look for the film he shared on Instagram.

Stallone has already shared behind-the-scenes photos of himself in costume alongside Jason Statham, as well as a set video of himself riding a motorbike. “This will be my last day,” Stallone says in the latest on-set video. “I’m ready to pass the baton on to Jason,” he said, describing the day as “bittersweet” and reflecting on his time with the franchise. He expressed the hope that Expendables 4 would have a “human touch,” with spectators being able to relate to and identify with the film’s objective and characters.

Behind-the-scenes footages

Despite the recent release of one of the many behind-the-scenes footages, story information for The Expendables 4 has remained a closely guarded secret. Stallone’s final appearance as Barney Ross has been confirmed for the film, leading fans to wonder how he would quit the role.

His statement that he is “handing the baton” to Jason Statham appears to confirm that the latter’s character, Lee Christmas, is ready to take over the team in the new film.


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