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Swaalina, The Machayenge Girl Is The New YouTube Sensation.

Machayenge, Prada’s success stories are incomplete without Halina Kuchey aka Swaalina.

How many times have you watched Machayenge? How many times did you try to remember those lyrics? And How many times have you stalked the Machayenge girl? Machayenge has become a big hit with millions of views on YouTube and made so much popularity to its stars, especially to the stunning beauty, Swaalina.

Swaalina also goes by the name Halina Kuchey is a Model and actor acing the Bollywood and Pollywood industry. No wonder she is stealing youth’s heart with her brilliant performance and mesmerizing beauty. Swaalina is well-known for her contributions in “malum hain na”, “Ik Kahani”, “Prada” and the recent sensation “Machayenge”.

The beauty with a brain always knew what she wanted and molded her career. Since childhood, she was intrigued by modeling and grew up fanning Bollywood movies. Even though her family is academic, they always supported Swaalina to follow her dreams. It was her passion to understand the art of acting and theatre. Accordingly, she has done Master of Art Programs in Theatre Studies and kick-started her career independently.

She started her journey as a model and participated in hundreds of modeling events. Fortunately, in her first TV commercial, she was offered to share the screen with the Bollywood Badshah Shahrukh Khan. When asked about that experience, Swaalina says “The charismatic personality he was on screen just mesmerized me”. She further said that this wonderful experience boosted her confidence and inspired her to start an acting career.

Swaalina has worked in many albums and many more renowned Indian commercials like Volkswagen, Tata, Sunsilk, Vivel, etc. She made her first debut film as a female lead with “Shooter”, a most-awaited Punjabi film and a biggest industry hit at that time. She made her first breakthrough with “Prada” by Jass Manak. People started loving her for her amazing dance, innocent smile, and mesmerizing looks. She is a package that captivates the audience with her artistic talents.

Her collaboration with Emiway for “Firse Machayenge” and “Khatam hue Wande” made her successful. She directed Emiway Bantai’s album introduction “Malum Hain Na” and acted in a song “yes or no”. After her Machayenge blockbuster receiving 400 million views, recently Machayenge-3 has released on Eid, and of course, it is trending on #2, Hooray!

Indian Film Industry always looks for talent, charisma, and perseverance. Braving all the odds, Swaalina dreamed of a successful career in Bollywood. Being a consistent learner, she never fails to entertain people. Looks like Bollywood has found another Gem to put in its basket.

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