Sussanne Khan, Hema Malini and Madhu Chopra Attended Sanjay Khan’s Book Launch Event

Bollywood Actor and Producer Sanjay Khan launch his second book. The book launch event was attended by daughter Sussanne Khan, Simone Arora, Farah Ali Khan and son Zayed Khan followed by actress Hema Malini, Esha Deol and Husband Bharat Takhlani. Priyanka Chopra’s Mother Madhu Chopra also attend the event.

Sanjay has asked all Indians not to take a gander at one another through the “narrow prism of religion”. And encouraged the government to stop utilization of the word ‘minorities’.

Khan said this here on Monday while divulging his new book ‘Assalamualaikum Watan’, which follows the job of Muslims in moulding India’s legacy and urges Indian Muslims to join the standard.

The book was propelled by Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh and state Medical Education and Culture Minister Amit Deshmukh.

Through his book, Khan encouraged Indians to “stop looking at each other from the narrow prism of religion”.

He likewise encouraged the legislature to “oust the word ‘minorities’, as it accompanies an alternate importance”.

“As Indian Muslims, we must feel tremendous pride, a sense of empowerment and responsibility in this fact, because we serve as a trajectory to the compass of achievement for all Muslims in the world,” said Khan, who is known for his roles in films like “Dosti”, “Ek Phool Do Mali” and “Mela”.

“We are not migrants in our homeland; we are the children and little girls of the dirt. It’s time my kindred siblings and sisters recover that soul of the dirt,” Sanjay Khan said.

He said Muslim ladies ought to be urged to draw in themselves side by side with the men to keep their uniformity and portion of training and positions.

The veteran actor said that he has done impressive research and uncovered a convincing dossier on the approach of Muslims in India.

As per Khan, his book gives adequate weightage to the pretended by the network in the country building be it in design, craftsmanship, science, music, innovation or basically administration.

“At first an Indian, then an author and last a Muslim,” Khan stated, including he begs that all Indians consider minorities to be ‘Indians’ and overlook each other new-age tag.

On the event, state Home Minister Anil Deshmukh said Khan has taken the philosophy of a common India ahead.

“I feel the country is currently going through an unfortunate phase and an Indian like me would have been happy if it wasn’t true,” he said.

“In any case, numerous endeavors are being made to make a break between the two religions, however neglect to succeed each time. I trust the book energizes Muslims of the nation to engage themselves,” he said.

He encouraged state Culture Minister Amit Deshmukh to turn Khan’s fantasy about having a stupendous film realized on Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

On the event, Amit Deshmukh stated, “I feel the nation is as of now experiencing a terrible stage and an Indian like me would have been glad on the off chance that it wasn’t valid.”

“We can’t consider India without unbelievable characters like A P J Abdul Kalam, A R Rahman, Madhubala, among others. This belief system reflected in the book too,” he said.

“I hope the book is read by as many people as possible in the country as well as outside India, who’ll understand the core message of the book,” he included.

Sanjay Khan will soon additionally be propelling the Indian Muslim Socio-Economic Trust (IMSET), an objective body which will draw in pre-famously effective Muslims from each state, remembering commanders of the business and investors for their individual fields of skill.


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