Here’s what Sushant Singh Rajput thought about Dil Bechara’s digital release

Mukesh Chhabra reveals that Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput was aware about his film Dil Bechara releasing digitally!

People still have not been able to accept that the actor Sushant Singh Rajput is not with us anymore. The actor’s sudden step had left everyone heartbroken. But there’s still one thing that everyone is waiting for. It is his last film Dil Bechara which will release digitally on this Friday.

The director of the film Mukesh Chhabra was very close to the actor. Talking about their equation, he told Pinkvilla, “He had personally called me up on my birthday and we spoke. We had a long chat on 27th of May. He would always be there, wishing you on your birthdays, so he had called. That’s about it. Because of the lockdown, he and I hadn’t met for a few months. I wish I knew he was in pain.”

When asked about Sushant’s depressed phase, Chhabra said that he had no idea about it. “I wish I knew. I just feel I should’ve known that he’s going through so much,” he said adding that the actor had agreed to do his film without even reading the script.

Talking about the moment he got to know about his demise, he said, “The moment I got to know I ran. My parents and I were all shaking in disbelief. I was in shock and I am still in shock. I was at the airport, because my mom had come from Delhi, and I got to know in the car.” The director had dropped his mom home and immediately went to SSR’s house in Bandra.  

Sushant’s last release was Drive which happened on Netflix. People wanted his last film Dil Bechara to release in the theatres. But the filmmaker says that the actor knew about the film releasing digitally and he was very happy about it.

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